1400K Ouma For Kids Across Tunisia

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Nejib Belhedi, 2011 winner of the World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year award for his 1400K Swim Across Tunisia with children of Tunisia and creator of the 1400K Ouma For Kids Across Tunisia
Ouma For Kids Across Tunisia is a nationwide swimming event, based on the concept of ouma ("swimming in the sea" in Arabic), organized by Nejib Belhedi that is based on his solo 1400K Swim Across Tunisia.

[edit] Dates

May - October 2013

[edit] Locations

May-October 2013: Tabarka - Bizerte - Metline - Chatt Mimi - Ras Djbel - Rawad - Takelsa -Hawaria - Kerkouane – Hammam Al Guezez – Korba - Kelibia - Menzel Temime - Nabeul – Hammamet – Hergla - Sousse – Monastir – Mahdia - Salakta - Chebba - Ellouza - Chaffar - Kerkennah - Mahres – Gabes – Djerba- Zarzis in Tunisia.

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