A Nuoto nei Mari del Globo

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Salvatore Cimmino's Global Swimming Tour
A Nuoto nei Mari del Globo (Swimming in the Seas of the Globe) is a series of swim by Salvatore Cimmino, a disabled Italian marathon swimmer. He attempted to become the first disabled athlete to successfully swim across the Cook Strait.

The Cook Strait crossing, organized by Philip Rush, is part of his A Nuoto nei Mari del Globo (Swimming in the Seas of the Globe) tour to promote disability awareness.

Cimmino had his right leg amputated at the age of 15 due to cancer and began swimming later in life for therapeutic reasons before turning it into a passion for raising disability awareness.

A Nueto nei Mari del Globo

Le tappe:

1. ISRAELE – Lago di Tiberiade – 17 km – 7/5/2010 (individuale);
2. ITALIA/SLOVENIA – Trieste/Capodistria – 21 km – 20/9/2010, (individuale);
3. ARGENTINA – Rio Paranà, «Santa Fe/Coronda» – 47 km – 30/1/2011, Swimming Marathon – Fina Grand Prix (individuale);
4. MESSICO – Canyon del Sumidero – 15 km – 07/5/2011, Swimming Marathon – Fina Grand Prix (individuale);
5. CANADA – Vancouver – 20 km circa – 6/2011, presso la sede del Collegio del Mondo Unito, www.uwcad.it (individuale);
6. NUOVA ZELANDA – Auckland – 20 km circa – 9/2011, in concomitanza dei mondiali di rugby e sarà organizzata da John Kirwan, attuale CT della nazionale giapponese, ex All Blacks (individuale);
7. AUSTRALIA – Brisbane – 20 km circa – 1/2012 (individuale);
8. STATI UNITI – New York, – 48 km – 6/2014, Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, www.nycswim.org (individuale);
9. REPUBBLICA DEMOCRATICA DEL CONGO - Congo - 40 km - 4/2012, Lake Kivu (individuale)


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