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Swimmer finishing the Across The Lake Swim. Photo by Angelique Duffield of
The Interior Savings Across The Lake Swim (ATLS) is the longest running, largest annual open water swimming race in Canada. The point-to-point swim that began in 1949 is a 2.1 km swim from the Old Ferry Docks in West Kelowna to Hot Sands Beach in City Park Kelowna in British Columbia. Held in July, it is one of Canada's Top Open Water Swims.

The swimmers who correctly guess their swim time will win a free entry into the following year's event.


[edit] Organiser

The Across the Lake Swim Society ("ATLSS") is a non-profit Society that relies entirely on sponsorships and entry fees to pay the costs that need to be incurred in order to put on the ATLS event. The Interior Savings Across The Lake Swim has a No Refund Policy.

[edit] Start

Transportation to the Start Line is by bus only. Parking at the Start Line is not allowed. There are no ferries in 2014.

[edit] Conditions

The average water temperature in mid-July is 20-22°C. Wearing of wetsuits is strongly encouraged as a strategy to reduce the risk of hypothermia. With the continued growth of the swim, swimmers are grouped into smaller waves of 100 people. Faster swimmers will be placed in the first waves to keep swimmers well spaced over the lake.

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