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Ahmed Zaher is the owner and founder of Playtri together with Staci Brode. Zaher founded Playtri over 10 years ago. Playtri has grown, now offering programs for Beginner and Advanced Triathletes as well as a Playtri Club, Nutrition Coaching, Bike Fits and recently, the new Corporate Training Program. He is nicknamed Mr. Triathlon along with Jack Weiss.

[edit] Coaching Career

Zaher is a highly successful coach and athlete. He has coached countless athletes in the US and internationally as a full-time triathlon coach, a swim coach and personal trainer. He has helped over 20 athletes achieve their dreams of qualifying for the Ironman and has helped over 50 athletes qualify for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. He is also the technical advisor for the Egyptian Triathlon Federation.

[edit] Athletic Career

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