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noun - America's Top 100 Open Water Swims is a list of the most unique, most popular, most historic, most beautiful, most interesting, and most challenging open water swims across the 50 states of the United States of America.


While the list is subjective to some degree, the following criteria is used to determine the open water swim included below:

1. History
2. Uniqueness
3. Popularity
4. Difficulty
5. Attention to Safety
6. Global geographic distribution

2013 - 2014 America's Top 100 Open Water Swim List

1. Manhattan Island Marathon Swim - New York
• Location: Manhattan Island, New York
• Course: A circumnavigation around Manhattan Island
• Distance: 28.5 miles (46.5 km)
• Date: June
• Description: One of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming with the English Channel and Catalina Channel
• Additional Information: Very difficult to get accepted into the swim. Swim fills up within minutes of online applications being opened
• Website:

2. La Jolla Rough Water Swim - California
• Location: La Jolla, California
• Course: An out-and-back ocean swim of various distances in La Jolla Covebr/> • Distance: Various distances for different age-groups up until the 3-mile Gatorman
• Date: September
• Description: One of the oldest swims in the world that started in 1916, the race can be cold and wavy
• Additional Information: Over 2,200 swimmers participate
• Website:

3. Waikiki Roughwater Swim - Hawaii
• Location: Waikiki Beach
• Course: From Kaimana Beach near Diamond Head Volcano
• Distance: 2.4 miles
• Date: September
• Description: An truly roughwater ocean swim with adverse currents and ocean swells
• Additional Information: Started in 1972 and annually attracts some of the fastest swimmers in the world including Olympians and world champions
• Website:

4. Great Chesapeake Bay Swim - Maryland
• Location: Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
• Course: Start at Sandy Point State Park in Stevensville and cross the bay
• Distance: 4.4 miles
• Date: June
• Description:
• Additional Information: Founded in 1982 to benefit health-related charities
• Website:

5. RCP Tiburon Mile - California
• Location: Angel Island to Tiburon in San Francisco Bay, California
• Course: A point-to-point swim that starts on Angel Island and finishes at the city in Tiburon
• Distance: 1 nautical mile (1.2 miles)
• Date: September or
• Description: Cold water swim with water often under 60ºF (16ºC) and unpredictable currents
• Additional Information: Overall male and female winners earn a winner-take-all cash prize of US$10,000
• Website:

6. Roy Webster Columbia River Cross-Channel Swim - Oregon
• Location: Columbia River, Oregon
• Course: A cross-river swim across the Columbia River
• Distance: 1.1 miles
• Date: September
• Description:
• Additional Information: Been held over 70 times since in inaugural swim
• Website: Roy Webster Columbia River Cross-Channel Swim

7. S.C.A.R. Swim Challenge - Arizona
• Location: Saguaro Lake, Canyon Lake, Apache Lake, and Roosevelt Lake in Arizona
• Course: 4-day 4 stage swim in Saguaro Lake, Canyon Lake, Apache Lake, and Roosevelt Lake
• Distance:
• Date: 41.7 miles (66.9 km)
• Description: Day 1 is a 9.5-mile (15.2 km) swim in Saguaro Lake at 1529-feet (466m) elevation. Day 2 is a 9-mile (14.4 km) swim in Canyon Lake at 1,660 feet (505m). Day 3 is a 17-mile (27.3 km) swim in Apache Lake. Day 4 is a 6.2-mile (10 km) night swim in Roosevelt Lake.
• Additional Information: Founded by Kent Nicholas to help him train for the English Channel
• Article: S.C.A.R.

8. Swim Miami - Florida
• Location: Watson Island, Miami, Florida
• Course: 4 courses outside the Miami Yacht Club
• Distance: 800 meters, Miami Mile, 5 km, 10 km
• Date: April
• Description: Depending on the weather, the courses can be tranquilly calm or turbulently bumpy
• Additional Information: Organized by Jonathan Strauss, the event attracts swimmers from around the Americas
• Website:

9. The Alcatraz Challenge - California
• Location: San Francisco Bay, California
• Course: From Alcatraz Island to East Beach in San Francisco Bay
• Distance: 2.4 miles
• Date: July
• Description: The allure of swimming from Alcatraz Island has captured the interest of thousands of adventurers and swimmers over the decades. Boat out to Alcatraz and swim back to shore.
• Additional Information: Organized by Gary Emich, the swim is tidal-assisted and cold, under 15.5°C (60°F)
• Website:

10. Kingdom Swim - Vermont
• Location: Lake Memphremagog in Vermont
• Course: 4 different courses starting in Newport
• Distance: 1 mile, 3 miles, 6 miles, 10 miles
• Date: July
• Description: A charity swim in a large lake that can go from tranquil to turbulent in minutes
• Additional Information: Organized by Phil White, the event served as the inaugural WOWSA World 10-mile Swimming Championships. Winners receive beautifully hand-carved walking sticks.
• Website:

11. Tampa Bay Marathon Swim - Florida
• Location: Tampa Bay, Florida
• Course:
• Distance: 24 miles
• Date: April
• Description: Held every year on Earth Day along the western coast of Florida, the course can be extremely windy and turbulent
• Additional Information: Founded by Ron Collins
• Website:

12. Maui Channel Swim - Hawaii
• Location: The island of Lanai to the island of Maui in Hawaii
• Course: An inter-island relay crossing with currents, waves, marine life, and navigational issues
• Distance: 9.6 miles
• Date: September
• Description: A difficult windy, current-strewn course can cause problems for the 6-member relays
• Additional Information:
• Website:

13. Lake Travis Relay - Texas
• Location: Lake Travis, Austin, Texas
• Course: Out-and-back lake swim
• Distance: 12 miles
• Date: October
• Description: Conditions can be tranquil or turbulent depending on the wind. 6 swimmers per team swim a 20-minute leg, then a 15-minute leg, then 10-minute legs until team has completed the course. Swimmers swim in the same order throughout the relay.
• Additional Information: Organized by Dr. Keith Bell and 3-time Olympic gold medalist Sandy Neilson-Bell of the American Swimming Association.
• Website:

14. North Shore Surf 'n Sea Swim Series - Hawaii
• Location: North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii
• Course: 4 coastal point-to-point ocean swims
• Distance: 1.0 to 2.3 miles
• Date: June to August
• Description: The first event is the Aloha Salads Summer Sprint, a 1-mile ocean swim from Sunset Beach to Ehukai Beach Park. The second event is the Cholo’s Waimea Bay Swim, a 1.2-mile ocean swim circling Waimea Bay. The third event is the JACO Chun’s to Waimea Bay Swim, a 1.6-mile swim starting at Chun’s Reef and ending at Waimea Bay. The fourth event is the Jamba Juice North Shore Challenge, a 2.3-mile ocean swim from Ehukai Beach Park to Waimea Bay that started in 1983. • Additional Information: Organized by Chris Moore, the series has been continuously held since the 1980s
• Website:

15. Dwight Crum Pier-to-Pier Swim - California
• Location: Hermosa Beach to Manhattan Beach, California
• Course: A point-to-point ocean swim from the south side of Hermosa Beach Pier to the north side of the Manhattan Beach Pier
• Distance: 2 miles
• Date: August
• Description: Depending on the conditions and the current, the ocean swim can be surprisingly quick or frustratingly difficult
• Additional Information: The most popular ocean swim in California, it requires a qualification swim and is part of Manhattan Beach's annual Surf Festival. Also known as the Manhatta Beach Swim, it is organized by the Catalina Channel two-way record holder John York.
• Website: Surf Festival

16. Swim Around Key West - Florida
• Location: Key West, Florida
• Course: A clockwise circumnavigation swim around Key West, the southernmost tip of the continental United States
• Distance: 12.5 miles (20 km)
• Date: June
• Description: Two races are held one week apart are held in the shallow, generally calm warm (85°F or 29.4ºC)waters that can turn turbulent. . The original event started in 1977 with the first circumnavigation by Anna Fugina and is currently organized by Bill Welzien that includes a solo and relay division. The alternate event is organized by Lori Bosco of Florida Keys Community College and includes a 1-mile and 2-mile event in addition to the 12.5-mile solo swim, 2-person relay, 3-person relay, and 6-person relay.
• Additional Information: Abundant marine life is visible throughout the swim includes Conch shells, manna rays, seaweed, sting rays, sea turtles, very docile nurse sharks, and colorful tropical fish.
• Website: Swim Around Key West and FKCC Swim Around Key West

17. Catalina Channel - California
• Location: Catalina Island to the Southern California mainland
• Course: An ocean channel that can range from tranquil to turbulent and requires expert navigation and extraordinary endurance and stamina
• Distance: 20.2 miles
• Date: Year-round but most attempts are made from June to October
• Description: One of the channels of the Oceans Seven and Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, this is the American equivalent of the English Channel. Solo and relay crossings are governed by the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation.
• Additional Information: Marine life can include blue whales, sharks, jellyfish, turtles, and dolphins. One-way are common while two-way crossings are rare. Attempts generally start late at night or early in the morning in order to benefit from the calmer night seas
• Website: Catalina Channel Swimming Federation

18. Trans Tahoe Relay - Nevada
• Location: Lake Tahoe
• Course: It is a point-to-point course from Sand Harbor Beach in Nevada to Skylandia Beach in Lake Forest, California
• Distance: 10 miles
• Date: July
• Description: Organized by the Olympic Club of San Francisco, the Trans Tahoe Relay is a stunningly beautiful masters swimming relay competition. The 6-person relay attracts hundreds of teams from around the world.
• Additional Information: The event started when Olympic Club members decided to challenge each other to a team race across Lake Tahoe in 1976. It grew and the relay now attracts over 1,100 competitors.
• Website:

19. Pennock Island Challenge - Alaska
• Location: Around Pennock Island in Ketchikan, Alaska
• Course: A current-assisted circumnavigation around Pennock Island that is sheltered from large surf everywhere except the sound end for solo swimmers and relays with both non-wetsuit and wetsuit categories
• Distance: 8.2 miles (13.2 km)
• Date: August
• Description: Part of the Alaska Open Water Series it is a charity swim for the American Diabetes Association. Water temperature ranges from mid-50s°F to low 60s°F (12.7 to 16.6°C).
• Additional Information:
• Website:

20. Ka'iwi Channel Swim - Hawaii
• Location: Molokai Channel across the island of Molokai to the island of Oahu in Hawaii
• Course: Start at Kaluako'i on the western coast of Molokai and finish on Sandy Beach park on the east side of Oahu
• Distance: 28 miles (24 nautical miles or 45.2 km)
• Date: August
• Description: The Molokai Channel can offer some of the large ocean swells that an open water swimmer can ever face on the planet along with abundant marine life from whales to sharks and turbulent surface chop, tremendously strong currents, and serious surf both at the start and finish.
• Additional Information: Organized by Jeff Kozlovich and Steve Haumschild, the two most experienced escort kayakers in Hawaii, this is part adventure, part race open to 2-person and 6-person teams with mandatory support boats and individual escorts at the start and finish.
• Website:

21. Lake Berryessa Open Water Swim - California
• Location: Lake Berryessa in northern California
• Course: Out-and-back course in warm lake that can get whipped up with stiff winds
• Distance: 500 yards, 1 mile, 2 miles
• Date: June
• Description: Very competitive masters swimming competition
• Additional Information: Sponsored by Pacific Masters Swimming
• Website: Lake Berryessa Open Water Swim

22. Against The Tide Swim for Breast Cancer - Massachusetts
• Locations: First event is at Hopkinton State Park; the second event is at Nickerson State Park, Massachusetts
• Course: Swims are in flat-water lakes
• Distance: 1-mile swim, 2-mile kayak, 3-mile walk, 5 km/10 km run, and an aquathlon (1-mile swim + 5-10 km run)
• Dates: June and August
• Description: The first event is held at DCR’s Hopkinton State Park on June; the second event is held at DCR’s Nickerson State Park.
• Additional Information: These events are charity swims on behalf of the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition.
• Website: Against The Tide Swim for Breast Cancer

23. Death Valley Open Water Swim Meet - South Carolina
• Location: East Beach, Hartwell Lake, Clemson, South Carolina
• Course: Clemson University Rowing Facility
• Distance: 0.5 km, 1 km, 2 km, 3 km, 5 km
• Date: June
• Description: Water temperature expected to be at least 80°F (26.6°C)
• Additional Information: It also serves as the South Carolina Local Swim Committee Open Water Swimming Championships
• Website:

24. Glen S. Hummer Huntington Mile and 5K Swim - Indiana
• Location: Lake Clare, Huntington, Indiana
• Course:
• Distance: 0.5-mile, 1-mile, 5 km
• Date: June
• Description: Flat-water lake competition
• Additional Information: The namesake (Glen S. Hummer) was a renowned coach and administrator of American open water swimming
• Website:

25. Chris Greene Lake Cable Swim - Virginia
• Location: Chris Green Lake, Charlottesville, Virginia
• Course:
• Distance: 1 and 2 miles
• Date: July
• Description: Masters swimmers of all backgrounds have flocked to Charlottesville to compete in the 2 races since 1977
• Additional Information: Beginning in 1980, Chris Greene Lake has been a frequent site for U.S. Masters Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships and is part of the Virginia Open Water Series
• Website:

26. Charles River One Mile Swim - Massachusetts
• Location: Charles River, Cambridge, Massachusetts
• Course: In-the-water start is at River Dock, near Arthur Fiedler head statue by the Hatch Shell on Esplanade. It is a one-mile loop course between Harvard and Longfellow Bridge.
• Distance: 1 mile
• Date: June
• Description: Limited to 150 swimmers in the 1-mile loop course between Harvard and Longfellow Bridge.
• Additional Information: Organized by the Charles River Swimming Club
• Website:

27. Point to La Pointe Swim - Wisconsin
• Location: Lake Superior, Wisconsin
• Course: A point-to-point course from Bayfield to Madeline Island in Lake Superior
• Distance: 2 miles
• Date: August
• Description: Conditions dictate whether the race is tranquil or turbulent
• Additional Information: It is a charity swim for the Bayfield Area Recreation Center
• Website:

28. Boston Light Swim - Massachusetts
• Location: Boston Harbor Islands, Massachusetts
• Course: Out-and-back course among the Boston Harbor Islands where the water conditions can turn cold and turbulent
• Distance: 8 miles
• Date: August
• Description: Tough currents and cold water present the most difficult obstacles to the growing number of athletes attracted to best the 5-hour time limit
• Additional Information: Known as the Granddaddy of Open Water Swims, it is the oldest open water swim in America and sponsored by the Massachusetts Open Water Swimming Association
• Website:

29. Swim Across the Sound - Connecticut
• Location: Bridgeport, Connecticut
• Course: A point-to-point course from Port Jefferson, New York to Captain’s Cove Marina in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
• Distance: 26 km
• Date: August
• Description: Solo swimmers and relays of 2-6 swimmers contest in the charity swim for St. Vincent's Medical Center
• Additional Information: It has Traditional, University Challenge, Corporate Challenge, and Classic (non-wetsuit) divisions
• Website:

30. Big Shoulders Swim - Illinois
• Location: Lake Michigan, Chicago, Illinois
• Course: Triangular course of 2.5 km
• Distance: 2.5 km, 5 km
• Date: September
• Description: Over 1,000 swimmers participate in the largest swim in the Midwest that is framed by the skyline of downtown Chicago
• Additional Information: Founded in 1990 by 1960 Olympic gold medalist Bill Mulliken
• Website:

31. CAST Classic Open Water Swim - Idaho
• Location: Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
• Course: Loop course in Lake Coeur d'Alene
• Distance: 2.5 km, 5 km, 10 km
• Date: August
• Website:

32. Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim - Utah
• Location: Deer Creek State Park reservoir, Heber City, Utah
• Course: Flat-water 72°F (22°C) water at 5,400-feet altitude (1,645 meters) that starts and finishes at the Deer Creek Reservoir South Marina boat dock at the Peterson Pavilion
• Distance: 1 mile, 5 km, 10 km, 10 miles
• Date: August
• Description: Swimmers need to stay within 50 feet of the shore and the support boat should keep the swimmer between the boat and the shore
• Additional Information: There is a 6-hour time limit for the 10 km swim.
• Website:

33. END WET - North Dakota
• Location: Red River, North Dakota
• Course: The Extreme North Dakota Watersports Endurance Test is a mixed-sports event where solo and relay swimmers traverse down the Red River between Grand Forks, North Dakota and Oslo, Minnesota
• Distance: 27-mile (43.4 km)
• Date: July
• Description: Kayakers, surf skiers, stand-up paddle boarders, and swimmers compete in an extreme race in a downstream river marathon
• Additional Information: Relay swimmers can be between 2-6 swimmers although solo swimmers come from all over. Distance may increase to 36 miles in the future
• Website:

34. Cascade Lakes Open Water Series - Oregon
• Location: Elk Lake near Bend, Oregon
• Course: The Series in a clear mountain lake tests the navigational IQ and competitive tactics of the swimmers in a variety of ways: the 0.5 km races are individual time trial on an out-and-back course; the 1 km swim is along an irregular course following the shoreline; 1.5 km and 3 km swims are on a triangular course; the 5 km swim includes three loops of a diamond and triangular course.
• Distance: 0.5 km, 1 km, 1.5 km, 3 km, 5 km
• Date: August
• Description: 5 races over 3 days in water that varies from 68-72ºF
• Additional Information: Series includes a Short Series (500, 1000, & 1500-meter swims) and a Long Series (1500, 3000,& 5000-meter swims). Each swimmer may enter one distance series only and must complete all 3 series swims to be eligible for Series awards. For series awards, points will be based on finish order in each race, with a wetsuit deduction when the water temperature is below 68ºF. Swimmers who complete all 5 swims will be eligible for special Survivor awards.
• Website: Cascade Lakes Swim Series

35. Swim Across America Long Island Sound - New York
• Location: Long Island Sound, Larchmont, New York
• Course: 3 different out-and-back courses in calm water conditions
• Distance: 1 mile, 4 miles, 6 miles
• Date: July
• Description: Charity swims annually raises over US$1 million on behalf of cancer research
• Additional Information: The Swim Across America charity swim has raised over U$11 million over 21 years
• Website:

36. Lucky's Lake Swim - Florida
• Location: Lake Cane, Orlando, Florida across the Universal Studios theme park
• Course: Out-and-back course in lake with known alligators and the reported Lake Cane Monster
• Distance: 1 km
• Date: Daily
• Description: Daily swim started in the home of Lucky Meisenheimer in 1989 and has been continued ever since. Its Aquatica 1K event is known as Enter The Food Chain.
• Additional Information: Swimmers can sign their names to a wall and a completion patch as confirmation of their swim. On their 100th crossing, swimmers are inducted in the 100K club; at the 500th crossing, they receive a silver racing cap. Lucky has done over 15,000 crossings.
• Website:

37. Swim Across America Boston Harbor - Massachusetts
• Location: Boston Harbor Islands, Boston
• Course: An out-and-back relay among the Boston Harbor Islands
• Distance: 22 miles
• Date: July
• Description: Limited to 80 swimmers who swim in 15-minute heats between 4-6 times throughout the day, swimmers meet at sunrise at Rowes Wharf outside the Boston Harbor Hotel. They board onto 2 boats and spend the day swimming in groups with the escort boats nearby.
• Additional Information: The wetsuit-required event raises hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the MassGeneral Hospital for Children Cancer Center
• Website: Swim Across America

38. Horsetooth Open Water Swim - Colorado
• Location: Horsetooth Reservoir, Larimer County, Colorado
• Course: A point-to-point 10 km course with onshore finish at 5400 feet (1700 meters) in altitude. The 1.2-mile and 2.4-mile courses are out-and-back with the start at South Bay swim beach.
• Distance: 250 yards, 1000 yards, 1.2 miles, 2.4 miles, 10 km
• Date: August
• Description: 10 km race starts at Satanka Cove at the north end and finishes at the South Bay swim beach. The 2.4 mile, the 1.2 mile and the youth swims start and finish at the South Bay swim beach. Water temperature can vary between 62-70°F (16-21°C).
• Additional Information: 10 km swimmers require their own paddler and a qualification swim. No drafting allowed
• Website:

39. Slam the Dam - Nevada
• Location: Lake Mead, Nevada
• Course: 1.2-mile and 2.4-mile courses are geometrical in shape; 8 km is a point-to-point swim
• Distance: 1.2 miles, 2.4 miles, 8 km
• Date: October
• Description: Wetsuits, technical suits, and traditional porous swimsuits are allowed
• Additional Information: A magnificent desert backdrop and 79ºF water welcome swimmers from all over the world.
• Website:

40. Great Salt Lake Open Water Marathon Swim - Utah
• Location: Great Salt Lake, Utah
• Course: 1-mile course is GSL Marina to Black Rock Beach. 8-mile course is from Antelope Island to Black Rock
• Distance: 1 mile, 8 miles
• Date: June
• Description: In the 1-mile course, kayak support is available every 1/10th of the course. During the 8-mile event, each swimmer must have their own kayak support.
• Additional Information: Lake is a 4,209 feet (1,283m) altitude
• Website:

41. Ohio LSC Open Water Championship - Ohio
• Location: East Fork Lake State Park 3294 Elklick Road, Bethel, Ohio
• Course: Flat-water, warm-water lake course
• Distance: 15 years & over - 4 km, 13-14 years - 3 km, 11-12 years - 2 km, 10 years & under - 1 km
• Date: June
• Description: Over 1,500 age-group athletes take part with a pre-race clinic offered to participants
• Additional Information: Offers an-the-water start and onshore finish. It has expanded to other states (,, and
• Website:

42. Swim the Suck - Tennessee
• Location: Tennessee River Gorge, Chattanooga, Tennessee
• Course: A point-to-point downstream river in the Tennessee River Gorge that starts at the Suck Creek Boat Launch and finishes at the Living Water Property in Suck Creek
• Distance: 10 miles
• Date: October
• Description: Hosted by the Chattanooga Open Water Swimmers (C.O.W.S), it is a winding river swim whose current is dependent on the release of dam water upstream
• Additional Information: Original art work is given as prizes
• Website:

43. Long Bridge Swim - Idaho
• Location: Lake Pend Orielle, Sandpoint, Idaho
• Course: It is a point-to-point swim that runs parallel to the Long Bridge
• Distance: 1.76 miles
• Date: August
• Description: A beautiful lake swim
• Website:

44. Swimmin' in Moonshine - Missouri
• Location: Moonshine Beach, Table Rock Dam, Branson, Missouri
• Course: Triangular course duplicates the Ironman Triathlon Branson course with a lead kayak
• Distance: 500 yards, 1 mile, 2 miles
• Date: August
• Description: 500-yard swimmers swim clockwise to circle their specially marked buoys and return to the shore via the course return toward the finish line. 1-mile swimmers swim clockwise around course once. 2-mile swimmers swim clockwise around course twice.
• Additional Information: Event also serves as the Middle Atlantic Open Water Championship
• Website:

45. Jim McDonnell Lake Swim - Virginia
• Location: Lake Audubon, Reston, Virginia
• Course: Swim course is around fix surveyed buoys
• Distance: 1 mile, 2 miles
• Date: May
• Description: 1-mile race has a 400-swimmer limit; 2-mile has a 400-swimmer limit
• Additional Information: Has served as a U.S. Masters Swimming championship event
• Website:

46. Tampa Bay Frogman Swim - Florida
• Location: Gandy Beach, St. Petersburg, Florida
• Course:
• Distance: 5 km
• Date: January
• Description: Goal is to build national awareness of the Naval Special Warfare community and become a key fundraiser of the Navy SEAL Foundation by building a premier annual event that challenges athletes with weather conditions similar to SEAL training
• Additional Information: A charity swim for the Navy SEAL Foundation to help support severely injured active duty Navy SEALs
• Website:

47. Nubble Light Challenge - Maine
• Location: York, Maine
• Course: A point-to-point swim from Long Sands Beach to Short Sands Beach that goes around the Nubble Lighthouse on Long Sands Beach
• Distance: 2.4 miles
• Date:
• Description: Race course is partly in the "gut", the channel between the Nubble lighthouse island and the Maine mainland. The race finishes with a sprint to Short Sands Beach.
• Additional Information: A charity swim that benefits the Maine Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness
• Website:

48. Low Country Splash - South Carolina
• Location: Mount Pleasant, Charleston, South Carolinabr/> • Course: Swim along the Mount Pleasant shoreline, under the Cooper River Bridge, in Charleston harbor. There is an in-the-water start at Hobcaw Yacht Club and in-the-water finish at the Charleston Harbor Marina in front of the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point
• Distance: 2.3 miles
• Date:
• Description: Over 500 swimmers from 30 American states between the ages of 9 and 89 participate in the charity swim in the low country of South Carolina
• Additional Information: Water temperatures is between 72-78ºF (22-25ºC)
• Website: Lowcountry Splash

49. L Street Brownies Polar Bear Swim - Massachusetts
• Location: L Street, Boston, Massachusetts
• Course: Jump or swim in Boston Harbor
• Distance: Polar Bear Swim
• Date: January 1st
• Description: Hosted by the L Street Brownies Club
• Additional Information: One of the oldest continuously running open water swim clubs and Polar Bear Swims in the Americas. Membership in the club costs $1.00
• Website: Facebook group

50. Fran Crippen Sunset Mile - California
• Location: Either Florida or California
• Course: Various 1-mile courses
• Distance: 1 mile
• Date: Usually June
• Description: A memorial swim for Fran Crippen held the evening before the USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships
• Additional Information: Proceeds go to the Fran Crippen Elevation Foundation
• Website: Fran Crippen Elevation Foundation

51. Ederle Swim - New Jersey
• Location: Between Manhattan Island and New Jersey
• Course: From Manhattan Island, down the Hudson River, through bustling New York Harbor, under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to the beach finish in Sandy Hook, New Jersey
• Distance: 17.5 miles
• Date: August
• Description: Part of the NYC Swim offerings
• Additional Information: Swimmers can see the Statue of Liberty, Governors Island, Staten Island beaches and boat traffic in the Hudson River and New York Harbor
• Website:

52. Special Olympics New Jersey Polar Bear Plunge - New Jersey
• Location: Seaside Heights boardwalk near The Aztec in New Jersey
• Course: Polar Bear Swim
• Distance: Swim, walk, or jump in
• Date: February
• Description: Over 5,000 participated and raised over US$1 million for Special Olympics New Jersey
• Additional Information: Partners with the Polar Bear Plunge at Wildwood, New Jersey in January at The Wildwoods Convention Center
• Website:

53. Minnetonka Challenge - Minnesota
• Location: Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota
• Course: Starts on Excelsior Beach and finishes on Wayzata Beach in Lake Minnetonka
• Distance: 5 miles solo, 2- or 3-person 5-mile relay
• Date: July
• Description: Relays can be 2 or 3-person teams. Swimmers exchange places at Big Island (2-mile point) and Spirit Island (4-mile point). Swimmers must be U.S. Masters Swimming or USA Swimming members.
• Additional Information: Water temperature is about 76ºF (24ºC) with possible weeds, fish, wind, and fishing boats along the coast. The race is part of the Twin Cities Open Water Half Marathon
• Website: Minnetonka Challenge

54. 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim - New York
• Location: Hudson River, New York
• Course: Course is held in 7 stages over 8 days that begins at the Rip Van Winkle Bridge near Catskill and ends at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York City
• Distance: 120 miles (193 km)
• Date: July
• Description: Stage 1 is Rip Van Winkle Bridge - Kingston Rhinecliff Bridge (18.3 miles or 29.4 km). Stage 2 is Kingston Rhinecliff Bridge - Mid-Hudson Bridge (19.8 miles or 31.8 km). Stage 3 is Mid-Hudson Bridge - Newburgh Beacon Bridge (13.2 miles or 21.2 km). Stage 4 is Newburgh Beacon Bridge - Bear Mountain Bridge (15.2 miles or 24.4 km). Stage 5 is Bear Mountain Bridge - Tappan Zee Bridge (19.8 miles or 31.8 km). Stage 6 is Tappan Zee Bridge - George Washington Bridge (15.7 miles or 25.2 km). Stage 7 is George Washington Bridge - Verrazano Narrows Bridge (18.1 miles or 29.1 km)
• Additional Information: 7 stage swims are among the longest marathon swims in the world.
• Website:

55. Little Red Lighthouse Swim - New York
• Location: Hudson River, New York
• Course: Swim downstream in the fast-moving Hudson River parallel to Manhattan Island
• Distance: 10.2 km
• Date: September
• Description: Part of the NYC Swim series
• Additional Information: Swimmers are set off in heats based on their speed
• Website:

56. In Search of Memphre - Vermont
• Location: Newport, Vermont, U.S.A. to Magog, Quebec, Canada
• Course: Across Lake Memphremagog from south to north
• Distance: 25 miles
• Date: September
• Description: Its mission is to promote a more open border with between American and Canadian neighbors while searching for Memphré, the mythical creature of Lake Memphremagog
• Additional Information: Hosted by the Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association
• Website:

57. Santa Cruz Roughwater Swim - California
• Location: Santa Cruz, California
• Course: Around the Santa Cruz Pier
• Distance: 1 mile
• Date: August
• Description: The swim has 3 waves: masters swimmers 18-39 years old, masters swimmers over 40, USA Swimming 18-and-under swimmers
• Additional Information: Organized by the Santa Cruz Surf Lifesaving Association with Rick Gould as its race director
• Website: Santa Cruz Open Water Weekend

58. Peaks to Portland Swim - Maine
• Location: Portland, Maine
• Course: From Peaks Island to Portland at the entrance of Casco Bay
• Distance:
• Date: July
• Description: Locally called the P2P
• Additional Information: Has a wetsuit division
• Website:

59. Swim Across America Dallas - Texas
• Location: Lake Ray Hubbard, Rockwall, Texas
• Course: Triangular course
• Distance: 1/2-mile, 1 mile, 2 miles
• Date: June
• Description: Part of the Swim Across America campaign and nationwide series to 'Make Waves to Fight Cancer'. Depending on water temperature, wetsuits may be required
• Additional Information: Hundreds of thousands of dollars are raised by the Innovative Clinical Trials Center at the Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center
• Website:

60. Coeur d'Alene Crossing - Idaho
• Location: Hagadone Event Center, Coeur d Alene, Idaho
• Course: A point-to-point swim that starts at Arrow Point and the finish is at the Hagadone Event Center
• Distance: 2.4 miles
• Date: August
• Description: A charity swim for 3 local non-profit organizations
• Additional Information: Swimmers are transported to Discovery Marina at Eddies on a cruise boat, and swim back
• Website:

61. Gator Bait Endurance Challenge - Mississippi
• Location: Eagle Lake, Vicksburg, Mississippi
• Course: Triangular with large buoys
• Distance: 1/4-mile, 1/2-mile, 1 mile
• Date: August
• Description: Held in conjunction with the Gator Bait Triathlon
• Website: Facebook page

62. Whitefish Lake Swim - Montana
• Location: Whitefish Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana
• Course: Out-and-back course
• Distance: 0.5 mile, 1 mile
• Date: August
• Description: Must be 15 years old
• Additional Information: Wetsuits are encouraged and allowed as the water is in the low 60ºFs (16ºC)
• Website: Whitefish Lake Swim

63. American Swimming Association Open Water Swimming Collegiate National Championships - Texas
• Location: Mansfield Dam Park, Lake Travis, Austin, Texas
• Course: Out-and-back course
• Distance: 5 km
• Date: October
• Description: Sanctioned and organized by the American Swimming Association, the Championships are open to any student, who is enrolled full-time in an accredited institution of higher education, including any post high school accredited vocational or technical school, junior college, community college, college or university (including graduate schools, medical schools, law schools and post-graduate studies)
• Additional Information: American Swimming Association is managed by Keith Bell and Sandy Neilson-Bell.
• Website:

64. Lake Travis Relay Solo - Texas
• Location: Lake Travis, Texas
• Course: Loop course with distance depending on water levels
• Distance: 12 miles
• Date: October
• Description: Individuals may submit entries for consideration to swim the Lake Travis Relay Solo. A maximum of 10 spots will be available. Swimmers must meet qualifications (maximum of 40 minutes for a 2 km + official results for the longest open water swim completed to date).
• Additional Information: There is a 6.5-hour cutoff time for soloists who must be accompanied by a safety observer in a boat, kayak or canoe.
• Website:

65. Statue of Liberty Swim - New York
• Location: Liberty Island, New York
• Course: Counterclockwise circumnavigation around Liberty Island
• Distance: 1.2 km
• Date: June
• Description: NYC Swim provides ferry transportation for swimmers, volunteers, and ticketed guests to and from Liberty Island and hosts a post-race BBQ
• Additional Information: Water Temperature is estimated 17-19°C (64-67°F)
• Website:

66. Hawaii Christmas Looong Distance Invitation Rough-H2O Swim - Hawaii
• Location: Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
• Course: Start at Kaimana Beach at base of Diamond Head and swim the length of Waikiki Beach, turn around, and swim back to start.
• Distance: 5 miles
• Date: December
• Description: Also known as the Double Roughwater
• Additional Information: Swimmers can run into lateral and oncoming currents throughout the course depending on the winds and conditions
• Website:

67. Search for Monongy - Pennsylvania
• Location: Allegheny River, North Side Riverfront Park, North Shore Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
• Course: Swimmers leave shore in front of Heinz Stadium, swim cross-current upstream 592 yards, turn and swim cross-current upstream 592 yards passing under the Sixth Street Bridge, turn and swim downstream 926 yards to finish/start line. 2.4-mile course is 2 laps.
• Distance: 1.2 miles, 2.4 miles
• Date: July
• Description: Wetsuits may be worn. Average water temperature is 76-78ºF (24-25ºC).
• Additional Information: In the non-competitive White Knuckle division, fins, snorkels, wetsuits, hand paddles, and floaties may be used. The meet director shall have the final say on aides permitted on the course.

68. Newport Sharkfest Swim - Rhode Island
• Location: Newport, Rhode Island
• Course: Point-to-point swim takes place along the historic waterfront of Newport from the harbormaster’s dock at Perotti Park through the harbor to finish on the beach at King park
• Distance: 1.5 km
• Date: September
• Description: In-water start in waves of 75 proceed past the docks and anchored sailboats on the right side of the swimming channel with an expected water temperature of ~63-67°F
• Additional Information: It is part of the Sharkfest series: Alcatraz Sharkfest®, Austin Sharkfest®, Boston Sharkfest®, Golden Gate Sharkfest®, Lake Tahoe Sharkfest®, San Diego Sharkfest®, and Zihuatanejo Sharkfest®
• Website: Newport Sharkfest Swim

69. Tex Robertson Highland Lakes Challenge - Texas
• Location: Held in 5 different lakes near Austin, Texas
• Course: Stage 1 is in Lake Buchanan. Stage 2 is in Inks Lake. Stage 3 is in Lake LBJ. Stage 4 is in Lake Marble Falls. Stage 5 is in Lake Travis.
• Distance: 15.6 miles
• Date: October
• Description: The Monster Challenge requires participation in all stages of the 5-day stage swim with no wetsuits allowed. Final placing is determined by the cumulative time for all 5 stages. 3-stage Weekend Warrior option offers participation in last 3 stages.
• Additional Information: Also includes a 1-mile Mini-Challenge and single-stage swims. Water temperature is between 25.5-26.6°C (78-80°F).
• Website:

70. Aumakua Swim and Sprint Mile - Hawaii
• Location: Maui, Hawaii
• Course: Out-and=back ocean swim
• Distance: 1 mile, 2.4 miles
• Date: September
• Description: Course includes The Arch. If swimmers collect one token (from a SCUBA diver) by passing under The Arch is good for one minute off total time. The Arch is 15 feet under the water located past the 7th buoy 2 miles into the 2.4-mile swim.
• Additional Information: Swim is currently denied a local permit
• Website:

71. Triangle Open Water Swim Series - North Carolina
• Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
• Course: 3-race open water series
• Distance: 1 mile, 1.2 miles, 2.4 miles
• Date: May to September
• Description: Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge is in Vista Point in May, The Little Uno and the Big Deuce is in New Hope Overlook in July. Triangle Open Water Swim Championship is in Vista Point in September
• Additional Information: Wetsuits are allowed when the water is below 78ºF
• Website:

72. Portland Bridge Swim - Oregon
• Location: Willamette River, Portland, Oregon
• Course: Course passes under 11 bridges on the Willamette River within the city boundaries of Portland
• Distance: 10.7-mile (17.2 km)
• Date: July
• Description: Swimmers must complete a qualifying swim to enter and are required to have a support kayaker. Water temperature is between 66-72°F (19-22°C).
• Additional Information: Course pioneered by Marisa Frieder and part of the Oregon Open Water Series
• Website: is an marathon swimming race through Portland,

73. Twin Cities Open Water Half Marathon - Minnesota
• Location: Lake Harriett, Lake Rebecca, and Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota
• Course: Stage 1 is 1 mile and 2 miles at Lake Harriet in June. Stage 2 is the 5-mile Minnetonka Challenge in July. Stage 3 is 5 km at Lake Rebecca in August. Stage 4 is 1 mile and 2 miles at Lake Minnetonka in September
• Distance: Various distance at 4 stages
• Date: June - September
• Description: Stage I (Lake Harriet) is 1-mile clockwise course, 2 mile counterclockwise course. Stage II is a 5-mile point-to-point course from Excelsior Beach to Wayzata Beach with directional buoys at each mile. Stage III is a counterclockwise triangular course. Stage IV is an out-and-back course to Spirit Island.
• Additional Information: 4-race stage series
• Website: Twin Cities Open Water Half Marathon

74. Willoughby Swim - Vermont
• Location: Lake Willoughby, Vermont
• Course: Point-to-point swim from north to south in Lake Willoughby
• Distance: 5 miles
• Date: August
• Description: Part of the Swim The Kingdom series, 7 swims in 9 days, sanctioned by the Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association
• Additional Information: Swim The Kingdom includes a 4-mile Crystal Swim, 3-mile Island Pond Swim, 3.5-mile Seymour Swim, a 4-mile Massawippi Swim, a 4-mile Memphremagog Swim, 5-mile Willoughby Swim, and 3-mile Caspian Swim
• Website:

75. Manitou Monster Lake Swim - Wisconsin
• Location: Eau Claire YMCA Camp Manitou, New Auburn, Wisconsin
• Course: Hexagonal loop course
• Distance: 2 miles
• Date: July
• Description: Flat-water, low-pressure charity swim
• Website:

76. Coney Island Aquarium Triple Dip Swim - New York
• Location: Coney Island Pier, Brighton Beach, New York
• Course: 1-mile course is a loop from the start/finish to the Coney Island Pier. 10 km course is two 5 km loops between Coney Island Pier and the east end of Brighton Beach. Start and finish will be on the beach in front of the New York Aquarium.
• Distance: 1 mile, 5 km, 10 km
• Date: September
• Description: Coney Island Pier, Brighton Beach
• Additional Information: Wave designations and swim direction is determined close to race date subject to number of participants and water/weather conditions. Chop due to wind and flotsam, jetsam and jellyfish are possible.
• Website:

77. Change Your Latitude - 57° North Open Water Challenge - Alaska
• Location: Sitka, Alaska
• Course: 10 km course start at Japonski Island, out of Sitka Channel, and loops back to the finish. Maximum time allowed is 4 hours.
• Distance: 1 km, 5 km, 10 km
• Date: August
• Description: At 57˚ N, it is one of the world's most northernmost ocean races. In relays, the first leg is 30 minutes with succeeding legs are 15 minutes.
• Additional Information: Swimmers may enter as soloists or as 2- or 4-person relays. A total of 50 soloists are allowed and 10 relays are allowed to enter.
• Website:

78. Miss America Pageant Swim - New Jersey
• Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
• Course: Course goes from States Avenue to Missouri Avenue
• Distance: 1½ miles
• Date: August
• Description: Ocean swim with onshore start and finish
• Additional Information: One of the oldest open water swimming competitions in the U.S. that has been continuously held since 1929
• Website:

79. La Jolla Cove 10 Mile Relay & Solo Swim - California
• Location: La Jolla Cove, La Jolla, California
• Course: Course is a triangular 1 mile lap around marked buoys
• Distance: 10 miles
• Date: October
• Description: Relay is for 5 team members.
• Additional Information: Charity swim for the American Diabetes Association, TCSD Cares, and the San Diego Junior Lifeguard Foundation. Equipment like wetsuits and fins may be used.
• Website:

80. Elephant Butte Open Water Swim - New Mexico
• Location: Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico
• Course: Flat-water course
• Distance: 1.5 miles
• Date: July
• Description: Swim immediately follows the swim portion of Dam It Triathlon.
• Additional Information: Elephant Butte State Park is the largest lake in New Mexico (most of the time).
• Website:

81. Fat Salmon Swim - Washington
• Location: Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington
• Course: Point-to-point swim that starts on the West side of Lake Washington, at a Seattle Public Park, essentially underneath the I-90 Bridge. The race is a straight shot north from the I-90 Bridge approximately parallel to the Lake Washington shoreline to Madison Park Beach.
• Distance: 1.2 miles, 3.2 miles
• Date: July
• Description: 2-race event held in Lake Washington. 3.2-mile swimmers enter the water in waves of 30-50 at a time. Waves will be approximately 10 minutes apart.
• Additional Information: No wetsuits allowed
• Website:

82. Tallchief Open Water Challenge - Oklahoma
• Location: Tallchief Lake, Zink Ranch, Sand Springs, Oklahoma
• Course: Out-and-back course marked by large regatta buoys. 0.5-mile swimmers swim out 0.25 miles out and return to the finish. 1-mile swimmers swim 1 lap of the entire course. 2-mile swimmers swim 2 laps of the entire course.
• Distance: 0.5 miles, 1 mile, 2 miles
• Date: September
• Description: Wetsuits are allowed, but those wearing wetsuits will not be included in the awards. Anticipated water temperature is 80ºF (26.6ºC).
• Additional Information: Proceeds benefit the Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma Camp Tallchief Scholarship Fund and Tulsa Masters Swim Club
• Website: Tallchief Open Water Challenge

83. Fear No Pier - California
• Location: Santa Barbara to San Diego, California
• Course: Start in Santa Barbara and finish in San Diego while swimming around all 27 piers along the Southern California coast
• Distance: Approximately 25 miles
• Date: August
• Description: A difficult stage swim that requires swimmers to get in and out of the Pacific Ocean 27 times over a 24-hour period.
• Additional Information: Walking down soft sand beaches and hiking down rocky coastlines is also required and is longer than the cumulative swimming distance
• Website: Peer-to-Peer Pressure From Pier-to-Pier

84. Southern Oregon Open Water Swims - Oregon
• Location: Applegate Lake, Jacksonville, southwestern Oregon
• Course: Course consists of four 2.5 km loops. In-the-water start and finish. Each loop roughly follows the contours of the lake shore on the way out and is approximately a straight line back to the start/finish area.
• Distance: 10 km
• Date: July
• Description: Water temperature on race day varies between 70 and 74ºF (21 and 23ºC)
• Additional Information: Part of the Oregon Open Water Series and the Applegate Lake Open Water Weekend that include 3x500m Pursuit Sprint Relay, 1.5 km, 2.5 km, 5 km, and 10 km races hosted by the Rogue Valley Masters. 5 km and 10 km swimmers provide their own beverages that are placed on a table in 4-foot deep water near the starting line.
• Website: Oregon Open Water Series Schedule

85. Escape From Skidaway - Georgia
• Location: Savannah, Georgia
• Course: Starts at the Diamond Causeway Beach Park and finishes at Diamond Causeway Beach Park
• Distance: 10 km
• Date: October
• Description: Swimmers swim with the flood tide in the Skidaway River
• Additional Information: Also includes a 5 km swim
• Website: Escape From Skidaway

86. Cedar Island 5K Swim - New Jersey
• Location: Avalon, New Jersey
• Course: Backbay swim with mostly tidal assistance with a Sunday afternoon start and finish at the Avalon Yacht Club
• Distance:
• Date: August
• Description: A charity swim on behalf of the Wounded Warrior Project and Team Semper Fi
• Additional Information: Great post-race party and buffet
• Website: Cedar Island 5K Swim Registration

87. Save the Bay Swim - Rhode Island
• Location: Harragansett Bay, Rhode Island
• Course: Point-to-point Newport to Jamestown Island swim spans the picturesque Newport bridge
• Distance: 1.7 miles
• Date: Augusut
• Description: The race draws 400+ swimmers and collects monies for research and preservation efforts of Narragansett Bay.
• Additional Information: Founded in 1977, the Swim is Save The Bay’s largest fundraiser, serving as a critical support to efforts to protect and restore the Narragansett Bay region. In 2012, the Swim raised US$355,000 through sponsorship and swimmer-driven fundraising
• Website: Flat River Reservoir Champions Challenge

88. Bridge-to-Bridge - California
• Location: San Francisco Bay, California
• Course: Swimmers begin at the Golden Gate Bridge (close to the south tower) and finish at the San Francisco Bay Bridge during a 3.85 knots flood (tide west to east)
• Distance: 10 km
• Date: May
• Description: Limited to 50 elite swimmers
• Additional Information: Organized by Water World Swim, only swimmers with extensive open water experience are accepted
• Website:

89. University of Okoboji 3.5 Open Water Swim - Iowa
• Location: Gull Point to Pikes Point, Okoboji, Iowa
• Course: Point-to-point swim across a beautiful lake
• Distance: 3.5 km
• Date: August
• Description: Flat-water lake swim along the eastern shore of West Okoboji Lake in the Iowa Great Lakes region
• Additional Information: Set in an extremely small-town atmosphere
• Website: University of Okoboji 3.5 Open Water Swim

90. Sebago Challenge Open Water Swim - Maine
• Location: Sebago Lake State Park, Casco, Maine
• Course: Geometric-shaped course along the lake shoreline
• Distance: 1 km, 2.5 km, 5 km
• Date: August
• Description: Maine's only freshwater lake swim
• Additional Information: Can get wavy and turbulent with stiff winds
• Website:

91. Newport Pier-2-Pier Swim - California
• Location: Newport Beach, California
• Course: Starts at the Balboa Pier and goes along the Newport Beach coastline to the Newport Pier
• Distance: 2 miles
• Date: July
• Description: Conditions can include towering surf, rolling ocean swells, oncoming currents, and marine life
• Additional Information: Founded in 1976, it is part of the Newport Beach Ocean Swims with the Don Burns 1-mile Scholarship Swim
• Website:

92. Harbor Springs Coastal Crawl - Michigan
• Location: Zorn Park (City Beach), Little Traverse Bay, Harbor Springs, northern Michigan
• Course: Coastal swim in 67ºF (19ºC) water
• Distances: 0.5 mile, 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles
• Date: August
• Description: Part of the Swim Michigan Series with the Diamond Lake Open Water Challenge and Swim to the Moon
• Additional Information: Charity swim for the Hammerhead Swim Tea
• Website: Harbor Springs Coastal Crawl

93. Swim Buzzards Bay - Massachusetts
• Location: Outer Harbor, New Bedford, Massachusetts
• Course: Point-to-point swim across the outer Bedford Harbor
• Distance: 1.2 miles
• Date: July
• Description: Charity swim that raised US$160,000 in its 20th annual event in 2013
• Additional Information: Started in 1993, the event raises funds to support the Buzzards Bay Coalition's work to protect and restore Buzzard's Bay
• Website:

94. Brooklyn Bridge Swim - New York
• Location: East River between Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York
• Course: Swimmers will enter the water at the pebble beach at Brooklyn Bridge Park immediately west of the Manhattan Bridge. Swim towards the Brooklyn Bridge and cross the East River to finish at a small clay and sand beach at Dover Street in East River Park. A combination of buoys, support boats, and kayaks will mark/monitor the swim route to help swimmers remain on course.
• Distance: 1 km
• Date: July
• Description: Buoys, support boats, and kayaks monitor the course to help swimmers.
• Website:

95. Diamond Lake Open Water Challenge - Michigan
• Location: Diamond Lake, Cassopolis, Michigan
• Course: Tranquil calm swim from an island in the middle of Diamond Lake to the shore
• Distance: 2.5 km, 5 km, 10 km
• Date: June
• Description: Part of the Swim Michigan Series
• Website: Diamond Lake Open Water Challenge

96. ISHOF Rough Water Swim - Florida
• Location: D.C. Alexander Park, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
• Course: Point-to-point course runs parallel to shoreline
• Distances: 0.25 mile, 0.5 mile, 1 mile, 5 km
• Date: January
• Description: International Swimming Hall of Fame's Fort Lauderdale Rough Water Swim is held when many collegiate teams are training in the ISHOF facilities
• Additional Information: Divisions for age-group swimmers, collegiate swimmers, and masters swimmers
• Website: Official Website

97. Hanalei Bay Swim Challenge - Hawaii
• Location: Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii
• Course: 4 courses around pier or along coast
• Distance: 2 short around-the-pier swims (Pier Keiki races), 1 km, 3 km
• Date: July
• Description: Out-and-back courses across the calm, warm waters of Hanalei Bay
• Additional Information: Formerly known as the Namolokama Open Water Swim
• Website:

98. Swim to the Moon - Michigan
• Location: Hiland Chain of Lakes near Hell, Michigan
• Course: 5 km and 10 km start at the old University of Michigan Fresh Air Camp on the west shore of Patterson Lake. Swim south and east through the heavily forested Pinckney Recreation Area, passing through five lakes along the way with scattered cottages the only signs of civilization. Finish at the State beach on the east shore of Halfmoon Lake. 0.5-mile swim is a loop course in Halfmoon Lake
• Distance: 0.5 miles, 1.2 miles, 5 km, 10 km
• Date: August
• Description: There are nine lakes in the Hiland Chain of Lakes. The five lakes traversed by Swim to the Moon are, in order, Patterson, Round, Island, Watson, and Halfmoon.
• Additional Information: 5 km has a team competition. A team is comprised of between 5-10 individuals. The fastest 5 score. On a mixed team, the 5 scoring swimmers must include the fastest 2 women. It is also part of the Swim Michigan Series.
• Website: Swim to the Moon

99. Tempe Town Lake Swim - Arizona
• Location: Tempe Town Lake, Tempe, Arizona
• Course: Rectangular loop course starts and finishes at the North Shore Boat Ramp
• Distance: 1.5 km, 3 km, 4.5 km
• Date: November
• Description: Wetsuits are allowed at this event if water is less than 84ºF
• Additional Information: Part of the AZ Open Water Swim that consists of the Crosswim Challenge, the Canyon Lake Swim, the Lake Pleasant Swim, and the Tempe Town Lake Swim

100. Alcatraz Classic: Swim with the Centurions™ - California
• Location: Hiland Chain of Lakes near Hell, Michigan
• Course: Starts at Alcatraz Island and finishes at Aquatic Parke
• Distance: 1.5 miles
• Date: September
• Description: A cold water, current-driven swim that requires open water swimming experience to complete safely
• Additional Information: Part of a series of events organized by Water World Swim
• Website:

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