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The AquaSpotter™ by GOAT Gear, LLC is a revolutionary patent pending product that provides unparalleled visibility for triathletes, open water swimmers and snorkelers alike. Unlike other products serving similar purposes, the Aquaspotter™ adds virtually zero drag to the swimmer and no tether dragging behind you to tangle in your kick. A brightly colored flag sits atop an 18" lightweight pole which is attached to comfortable neoprene, allowing boaters, jet skis and other surface watercraft to see you easily. In addition, Aquaspotter users are instantly more visible to snorkeling guides, lifeguards and other observers on shore.

The Aquaspotter is a device consisting of a comfortable, adjustable strap manufactured from 2-ply neoprene and comfortable elastic, an 18" long lightweight fiberglass pole, with a bright 8"x 6" orange flag. A waterproof pocket allows users to store keys, cell phones, or money without having to locate a good hiding spot on the beach. The Aquaspotter™ is made completely in the United States.

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