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Class:  Clinic
Class:  Clinic
==External links==
==External links==
* [ Open Water Swimming Camps And Clinics]
* [ Official Website]
* [ Official Website]
* [ Open Water Swimming]
* [ Open Water Swimming]

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Aquatic Edge provides open water swimming camps and is located in beautiful Kona, Hawaii, but ii is also a mobile service hosting over 65+ swim technique clinics and camps all over the globe. Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen makes frequent trips to the mainland, Australia, UK, Germany, Italy, Mexico and France and can travel ANYWHERE in the WORLD to offer a FASTER FREESTYLE or MULTI-STROKE (fly, back and breast) clinic for your team or group.

In addition, Aquatic Edge offers a wide range of services for the visitor to the Big Island of Hawaii. You can schedule a private stroke technique session in Karlyn's state-of-the-art Endless Pool, or an adventure swim in the ocean.


City: Kailua-Kona

State: Hawaii

Country: USA

Region: Americas

Contact Name: Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen


Telephone: (808) 331-1766 MOBILE: (808) 756-0195 FAX: (808) 331-1766

Event Dates: year-round

Website: Aquatic Edge Official Website

Class: Clinic

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