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BLUEMiND is a look at the ocean through the field of neuroscience that is hosted at the California Academy of Sciences on 1-2 June 2011 that 4,000 people will attend in a limited, intimate gathering.


BLUEMiND will forever link studies of the mind and ocean in a two-day event held at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, California, kicking off World Oceans Week 2011. BLUEMiND is the first of its kind, and will help frame the emerging field that unites neuroscience and ocean stewardship.

Executive Overview

BLUEMiND is designed to be a resource for deeper understanding of the connection between the brain and the ocean. The learnings and interconnections identified and defined throughout the summit will support what is called Neuro-conservation. Current critical thinking, field based cognitive neuroscience and interest from people outside of the academy are pointing to a fulcrum point: that without deeper understanding of the human brain, mankind will never be able to "think our way out" of our current biospheric emergency.

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