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Guri Bosch with open water swimming partner Bethany Bosch on a training swim
Bethany Bosch is a 28-year-old American marathon swimmer from Wallinford, Vermont. She competed in the 24-mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim on 20 April 2013. She is also a 2-time finisher of the 10-mile Kingdom Swim and completed the 25-mile In Search of Memphre marathon swimming competition on 7 September 2013 in 17 hours 11 minutes. She also completed the 5-mile Lake Willoughby Swim together with Guri Bosch, a chocolate labrador retriever who won the Canine Division in 2 hours 48 minutes on 17 August 2013. She also completed 2 Cork Distance Week camps under the tutelage of Ned Denison, the 25-mile In Search of Memphre in Lake Memphremagog, Vermont in 17 hours 11 minutes, and the 2.6-mile Cold Water Challenge in Fairfield, Connecticut.

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