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Ben Laughren, a resident of Victoria, Canada, completed a solo crossing of the Strait of Juan de Fuca on 18 August 1956. With a nickname of Big Ben, and the proprietor of Big Ben's Burgers, he persistently attempted to cross the Strait near to his home twelve times before being successful {Note: A}. His twelfth attempt, his first successful crossing, was completed the same day as Amy Hiland in 10 hours 17 minutes, making them the third and fourth to ever cross the Strait. One week later, he was back in the frigid water attempting the crossing again {Note: B}.

Early successful crossing of the Strait of Juan de Fuca

1. Bert Thomas - 8 July 1955 (11 hours 10 minutes)
2. Cliff Lumsdon - 17 August 1956 (11 hours 35 minutes)
3. Amy Hiland - 18 August 1956 (10 hours 51 minutes)
4. Ben Laughren - 18 August 1956 (10 hours 17 minutes)
5. Marilyn Bell - 23 August 1956 (10 hours 38 minutes)
6. Vicki Keith - 10 August 1989 (14 hours)


A. Spokane Daily Chronical, August 20, 1956
B. Ellensburg Daily Record, August 27, 1956

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