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Mateusz Sawrymowicz (left), Bob Placak (middle), and Ashley Twichell at end of 2013 RCP Tiburon Mile
Bob Placak is the founder and race director of the RCP Tiburon Mile in San Fransisco Bay, California, USA and was a world-class pool swimmer who represented U.C.L.A. at the NCAA Championships and the United States at the Pan American Games in the butterfly and relay events and in other international competitions.

Shark Encounter

Placak also experienced a scary Galapagos shark (known to be interested in swim fins) encounter in the Galapagos Islands in 2012.

RCP Tiburon Mile

Placak is the race director for the RCP Tiburon Mile. Athletes in the RCP Tiburon Mile have been nominated and won the World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year including Andrew Smilley and Mateusz Sawrymowicz.

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