Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim

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The Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim or the Boğazıçi Kitalararasi Yarislari, in Turkish) is one of the World's Top 100 Open Water Swims.

It is located in the Istanbul Strait that connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara in Turkey. Bosphorus is the world’s most narrow strait used for international navigation and enables participants to claim they swam between Asia and Europe.

The course is from Kanlica on the Asian side of the Bosphorus to Kuruçesme on the European side of the Bosphorus.

The 6.5 km race is held annually in July and is organized by the National Olympic Committee of Turkey. The competition started in 1989 with 68 swimmers and has recently grown to 4,892 swimmers from dozens of countries that swim to swim from the Asian continent to the European continent.

One of the World's Greatest Swims

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