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Participants of the 2013 Kaiwi Channel Swim on Sandy Beach with event directors Jeff Kozlovich and Steve Haumschild. Photo courtesy of Kaia Hedlund
Start on Kepuhi Beach of the inaugural Kaiwi Channel Swim on Molokai Island in Hawaii
Bruce Thomas was a member of the Aquaboomers, a world record-setting Catalina Channel relay record comprised of himself, Dan Leonard, Tracy Edwards, Bill Ireland, Brad Magit and Steve Lowe who crossed in 8 hours 8 minutes. Fellow SCAQ member Alicia Bentley was one of the kayakers. Their support team included two members of the Mighty Mermaids, Jenny Cook and Christie Plank Ciraulo.

They broke the previous record of the men's 50-59 year age-group of the Swell Guys, initially set on 8 July 2002 from Catalina to the mainland in 10 hours 35 minutes, comprising of Steve Dockstader, Donald Van Cleve, Chris Wagner, Bill Kehoe, Warren Haviland, and Rich Henry.

He also participated in the inaugural 28-mile (45 km) Kaiwi Channel Swim, an island-to-island channel crossing between Molokai and Oahu in Hawaii on 24 August 2013.


Videos of Catalina Channel Record Crossing

Participants in the 2013 Kaiwi Channel Swim

The Youngsters in 9 hours 56 minutes

The Veterans in 9 hours 53 minutes

Kaiwi Channel Swim Video

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