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Buff van Westenbrugge is an open water swimmer from South Africa who competed in the inaugural 5.3 km Atlantic Dash in Cape Town, the Lighthouse to Big Bay Swim and the Shell Festival Sea Swim. He was also the first man to complete the 8 km Deep Blue Invitational Swim. He also observed for Cecilia Schutte's triple circumnavigation of Robben Island in December 2012.

With a background in Medical Biochemistry and Physiology, he began his career in the Pharmaceutical Industry with Glaxo Smithkline. Later, he moved into the Commercial and Industrial Property sector and has led teams of people, been a partner and worked in varying capacities for the past 20 years, combining relationship management and financial structuring to deliver suitable solutions for clients. Buff has branched into Electronic healthcare and joined The Training Room Online to launch its sales and marketing strategies in the corporate sector.

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