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Capri Djatiasmoro
Capri Djatiasmoro is a 63-year-old American open water swimmer from New York City who swims year-round outdoors. As a member of CIBBOWS, she is a Project Manager with M&J Edelman & Associates.

She has volunteered for dozens of open water swimming events for NYC Swim and CIBBOWS since serving as a boat observer for Steven Klugman's victorious swim in the 2003 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim.

The daughter of an Indonesian diplomat and a French-German mother, Djatiasmoro spent her childhood in more than a half-dozen cities around the globe. Her first name comes from the words se djati, meaning truth, and asmoro, meaning love.

Open water swimming career

She has participated in the Brooklyn Bridge Swim, Great Hudson River Swim, Liberty Island Swim, Governors Island Swim, Little Red Lighthouse Swim, Stars & Stripes Swim, Ederle Swim, Park to Park Swim, Cove to Cove Swim, John Daly Sr. Ocean Swim, and Ken Killian Ocean as well as a number of triathlons. She was recognized with a Hudsie Award in 2012 by NYC Swim and took photographs at many swims including Alan Morrison's unprecedented breaststroke swim from Sandy Hook to Coney Island. She competed in 2014 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim in New York and completed the 2014 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in Group 3 in 10 hours 59 minutes on 12 July 2014.

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