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Captain Timothy Johnson with Dr. Jane Katz (left), Shelley Taylor-Smith (far) and Skip Storch (far right)
Shark cage manufactured by Flipper McGee for Skip Storch's solo marathon swim attempt from Cuba to Florida; photo by Tim Johnson
Captain Tim Johnson is an American specialist in open water swimming, tides and the construction of shark cages. He was inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 2006 as an Honour Administrator and is a member of the board of directors of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

Captain Johnson made major contributions for the support elements in marathon swimming, including the development of unprecedented computer applications that modeled swims allowing analysis of currents and tides. He was one of the founders of the Manhattan Island Swimming Association and was the organization’s historian. His advice on current and tides set the standards and were partly responsible for the record swims around Manhattan Island.

Captain Johnson has also consulted on swims affected by tidal flow in various locations around the world and the construction of shark cages. He has authored the comprehensive and informative History of Open-Water Marathon Swimming, an authoritative book on marathon swimming.

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson explains the physics of open water swimming at the 2010 Global Open Water Swimming Conference in New York City:

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