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noun - Channel rules are a general description of the rules, regulations, policies, procedures, protocols, and traditions of the channel swimming community.

Channel rules can also refer to the rules, regulations, policies, procedures, protocols, and traditions of the marathon swimming community as well as specific rules of the Channel Swimming Association, Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation, Catalina Channel Swimming Federation, ACNEG (Asociacion de cruce a nado del Estrecho de Gibraltar), Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association, Cook Strait Marathon Swimming, Hawaiian Channel Swim Association, Lake Tahoe Swimming Society, Farallon Islands Swimming Federation, Rottnest Channel Swim Association, Cape Long Distance Swimming Association, British Long Distance Swimming Association, Irish Long Distance Swimming Association, Croatian Long Distance Swimming Federation, Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association, FINA, Massachusetts Open Water Swimming Association, Menorca Channel Swimming Association, New England Marathon Swimming Association, Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association, Southern California Eight, Oceans Seven, Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association, Townsville Open Water Swimming Association, Vancouver Open Water Swimming Association, and other channel swimming and marathon swimming governing bodies, associations, organizations, and race committees.

Variances in Channel Rules

Channel rules are not universally standardized. There are slight differences in specific examples of the channel rules as administered around the world. Evan Morrison outlines the differences in the Marathon Swimmers Forum here and range from the use of neoprene caps and jammers to the use of a pace swimmer and stinger suits.

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