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Cherie Mester Edborg is an open water swimmer from Laguna Beach, California and a Controller with Shea Mortgage who completed her first channel swim 12.4 miles from Anacapa Island to the California mainland near Santa Barbara, California under the auspices of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association with the guidance of Bob Andrieux of the Tuna Thumper on 25 August 2012 in 8 hours 21 minutes.

She is also one of the protagonists of the documentary film DRIVEN, a glimpse in the world of marathon swimming.


Edborg, along with Evan Morrison and Fiona Goh, is featured in DRIVEN, an upcoming independent documentary film by Element 8 Productions about marathon swimming and three independent channel swims across the Santa Barbara Channel. The film is currently in production. Described as "Without wetsuits, in the dead of night, three swimmers braved the cold open-ocean to realize a dream...", the community can assist by contributing towards post-production here.


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