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Chloë McCardel is an accomplished open water swimmer from Australia who has completed a total of 6 English Channel crossings, including 2 two-way crossings. In 2010, she won the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 7:53, winning in a dramatic 5-second victory over second-place Jaime Caballero of Spain.


English Channel

In July 2011, she attempted a three-way crossing of the English Channel. Her first lap of 9 hours 3 minutes which was the fastest crossing for 2011. She was disqualified by her support crew at 17 hours 35 minutes as they were concerned she may have had hypothermia.

She successfully completed the English Channel on 25 July 2011 in 9 hours 3 minutes, certified by the Channel Swimming Association. She also completed a two-way crossing of the English Channel in 2010 in 21 hours 48 minutes.

In 2012, she attempted another three-way crossing, but only completed a two-way crossing in 19 hours 20 minutes (9:50 first leg + 9:30 second leg). For her efforts, the Channel Swimming Association awarded her the Gold medal for fastest swim of the year, the Sotiraki Cup for the Fastest Swim by a Lady, and the Mark Rickhuss Memorial Trophy for the Fastest Two Way Swim of the Year.

Cuba-to-Florida Attempt

In June 2013, she attempted a charity swim for cancer with a 170 km crossing of the Florida Strait from Cuba to Florida where she raised money for CanTeen, Can Assist, and Swim Across America. Under the guidance of her husband Paul McQueeney, she was pulled from the Florida Strait after 11 hours when she was stung badly by jellyfish.


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