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Chris Gardner is the primary race director for the North Shore Swim Series on Oahu in Hawaii.


[edit] North Shore Swim Series

The North Shore Swim Series is a 4-race series that started in the 1980s. It is one of America's Top 100 Open Water Swims in 2013. The first event on the 2013 series is the Aloha Salads Summer Sprint on 22 June, a 1-mile ocean swim from Sunset Beach to Ehukai Beach Park. The second event is the Cholo’s Waimea Bay Swim on 6 July, a 1.2-mile ocean swim circling Waimea Bay. The third event is the JACO Chun’s to Waimea Bay Swim on 20 July, a 1.6-mile swim starting at Chun’s Reef and ending at Waimea Bay. The fourth event is the Jamba Juice North Shore Challenge on 3 August, a 2.3-mile ocean swim from Ehukai Beach Park to Waimea Bay that started in 1983.

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