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Brian Ross, Quinten Nelson, Chris Kraus, Ross Morrow, Rick Gaenzle (left to right) after a successful North Channel crossing
Christopher T. Kraus is an American open water swimmer from New York who has completed a 3-man North Channel relay crossing. The crossing was piloted by Quinten Nelson, together with fellow Americans Brian Ross and Rick Gaenzle on 7 August 2012 in a record-setting time of 10 hours 18 minutes from Ireland to Scotland in 13-16°C despite a high volume of jellyfish.


3-man Relay

Kraus, Ross and Gaenzle consist of a renowned 3-man relay team based out of Connecticut in the United States. In addition to their successful relay across the North Channel (Ireland-Scotland), they also crossed the Strait of Gibraltar (Spain-Morocco), and the English Channel (England-France), and will attempt their fourth Oceans Seven challenge across the Tsugaru Channel (Honshu-Hokkaido, Japan) in August 2013.

Oceans Seven

The trio are the only known relay that are attempting to complete the Oceans Seven. Kraus, Ross and Gaenzel have also completed numerous other open water swims, both as relay and singles, including double crossings of Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay as soloists.

Swim History

2011 Swims

2012 Swims

2013 Swims (Planned)

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