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Chris Sifleet, founder of Swim4Miles and host of the Inchmurrin Swim Camp in Loch Lomond, Scotland
Chris Sifleet is a British open water swimmer who has swum across the English Channel twice (14 hours 56 minutes and 20 hours 15 minutes) plus completed two two-way crossings of Windermere in the Lake District of England. Sifleet also swum across Torbay Bala Lake, Mew |Stone Rock Dartmouth to Torquay, Eddystone Lighthouse to Plymouth and many other marathon swims.

Sifleet is now a coach of long distance swimmers on Loch Lomond under Swim4miles as the only approved Channel swimming coach north of Windermere.


Swim4miles Ltd. is a company staffed by open water swimmers who have swum the swims and escorted swimmers to achieve their aims and ambitions with safety as their primary concern. Swim4miles escorts and assists swimmers to swim the entire Loch (24 miles) or any other distance they desire. It provides training plans, coaching, nutritional advice, local knowledge and information, and help make their stay as enjoyable and successful as possible.

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