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Chris Volaski captained the New Bluefin, a 46-foot Sportfishing boat with 15 bunks and a galley, for Team Jessie, Team Augie and Team Coto on 14 October 2012 on their 7 hour 15 minute relay swim across the Anacapa Channel, 12.4 miles from Anacapa Island to the California mainland in Oxnard.

Anacapa Channel Relay

Captain Volaski on the New Bluefin escorted Team Jessie (consisting of Howard Burns, Charlie Christensen, Marc Horwitz, Mike Kendall, Alan Baumgardner and Corey Tabor, Team Augie (consisting of Lisa Nordholm, John Stevens, Jullian Rusinek, Morgan Empey, Vanessa Mesia and Mike Lane), and Team Coto (consisting of Michael Trudeau, Tanya MacLean, Jeff Conrad, Ben Putman, Lynn Kubasek and Cherie Edborg) on their Anacapa Channel relay.

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