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Christie Leet
Christie Leet is a 44-year-old prominent businessman from Whitsunday, Australia and an accomplished endurance athlete who has completed several marathon swims, marathon runs and triathlons. He leads a busy life as the Principal at PRDnationwide Whitsunday and has done 4 Magnetic Island to Townsville Swims under his belt. He has also done a Rottnest Channel Swim duo and a 15K solo from Whitehaven to Hamilton Island.

His latest plan is an unprecedented swim this coming weekend, 16K from South Molle Island to Airlie Beach. He will start from Roma Point, the southern most point of South Molle, heading in a north westerly direction up the Molle Channel, around Pioneer Point, and then heading west into Airlie Beach. The main challenge with this swim is the currents which run at 3 knots or more.

He completed an unprecedented 16 km marathon swim in Australia. On 4 November 2012, he completed the first open water swim from Paradise Bay, Long Island to Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays in 7 hours 15 minutes together with Leigh Trevan, Aiden Trevan and Michael Hanisch while crossing Long Island Sound, Molle Channel and Pioneer Bay.

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