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Cindy Cleveland with John York in 1987
Anne Cleveland, Marcia Cleveland, and Cindy Cleveland (no relation) at the 2011 Catalina Channel Swimming Federation awards banquet
Cindy Cleveland is a legendary Southern Californian marathon swimmer, active primarily in the late 1970s. Besides her channel swims, in 1979 she became the first swimmer to circumnavigate Catalina Island in 34 hours, 24 minutes. A distance of nearly 50 miles, this feat went unmatched until 2011 when Forrest Nelson replicated the feat.

In 1980, Cleveland became the first - and still only - swimmer to cross Monterey Bay in northern California in 15 hours 21 minutes. She was also the first person to swim across the 12.4-mile Anacapa Channel from Anacapa Island to Oxnard in the California Channel Islands in 1978.

The member of the 24-hour club, Cleveland's other marathon swims include both one-way and two-way crossings of the Catalina Channel (11:04 in 1976 and 24:30 in 1977 - respectively). After retiring from ultra-distance swimming in 1980, Cleveland transitioned to paddle board racing and achieved several top finishes in the Catalina Classic race.

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