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Cynthia Tobin Walsh is a manager of cardiovascular service at Sharp Memorial Hospital and a part-time lecturer at San Diego State who was a former age-group swimmer and current open water swimmer who completed two channels of the Oceans Seven: the English Channel in 14 hours 19 minutes in 2012 and the Catalina Channel in 9 hours 55 minutes in 2008 and 13 hours 56 minutes in 2007, and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 8 hours 0 minutes. She become the 63rd member of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and completed the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim in 10 hours 50 minutes in 2011 and an unprecedented crossing of Lake Pend Orielle in the Idaho Panhandle in 2009 in 9 hours 12 minutes together with Jim Fitzpatrick.

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