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noun - Collision avoidance is the purposeful act of avoiding or keeping away from other swimmers or triathletes in an open water swimming competition or triathlon. This desire stems from the propensity of most athletes to avoid physical contact, bumping and clashing with another athlete on the open water swimming or triathlon course.

Collision avoidance is an influential factor, along with directional uncertainty, that leads to pack swimming in open water swimming or triathlon competitions.

The lead swimmer usually takes off fast and swims at the head of the pack because she is a strong believer in collision avoidance.

[edit] Origin

Collision: 1400–50; late Middle English < Late Latin collīsiōn- (stem of collīsiō ), equivalent to collīs ( us ) (past participle of collīdere to collide) + -iōn- -ion Avoidance: 1250–30; Middle English avoiden < Anglo-French avoider, equivalent to a- a-4 + voider to void

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