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noun - The Cook Strait Half Century Club is a club that is exclusively limited to individuals who successfully completed the Cook Strait and who are at least 50 years ago. There are Half Century Clubs in the English Channel, Catalina Channel (Catalina Channel Half Century Club), Santa Barbara Channel (Santa Barbara Channel Half Century Club), Molokai Channel, Rottnest Channel Swim, Strait of Gibraltar, Lake Ontario (Lake Ontario Half Century Club), Lake Zurich and many other open bodies of water around the world.

[edit] Origin

Usage dating to circa 2010 from Steven Munatones in Huntington Beach, California.

[edit] Members

1. Tom Hecker (60) USA, 17 January 2012, 10 hours 36 minutes, S-N
2. Pamela Dickson (55) New Zealand, 20 March 2009, 9 hours 23 minutes 10 seconds, N-S
3. David Yudovin (52) USA, 16 January 2004, 9 hours 38 minutes, N-S
4. Scott Coleman (52) USA, 8 February 2007, 10 hours 27.32 minutes, N-S

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