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* [ Marathon Swimming]
* [ Marathon Swimming]
* [ Coast To Coast Boast Returns To Orange County]
* [ Coast To Coast Boast Returns To Orange County]
* [ Playing It Safe In The Maui Channel And Elsewhere]

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Craig Taylor is an American open water swimmer who was part of the San Clemente Island Relay - First Relay Crossing from San Clemente Island to Mainland along with Jim Fitzpatrick, Mike Suttle, Brendan Halffman, Dave Yudovin, and Scott Zornig as they became the first to swim as a 6-person relay from San Clemente Island to San Clemente on the coast of California, a distance of almost 60 miles in 33 hours 8 minutes.

Together with Scott Zornig, Taylor created and completed the first OC Coast To Coast Boast, a stage swim along the entire 40.99-mile (65.9 km) coastline of Orange County in Southern California in 2001.

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