Danger 1000 Ocean Swim Torquay

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Danger 1000 Ocean Swim Torquay is an open water swim that is part of the Great Victorian Swim Series, a 7-race open water swim series in Victoria, Australia. The Great Victorian Swim Series is organized by Cousins Tours and Travel.

[edit] Purpose

The aim of the series is to encourage more people to be active and take part in these great community events that help raise money for our surf life saving clubs. The series also aims to raise funds and awareness for The Alfred Foundation.

[edit] Great Victorian Swim Series races

1. Flinders Hotel Point Leo Swim Classic on 26 December 2012
2. Rock2Ramp Anglesea on 28 December 2012
3. Sorrento Bay Swim on 5 January 2013
4. Rip View Swim Classic Point Lonsdale on 6 January 2013
5. Danger 1000 Ocean Swim Torquay on 19 January 2013
6. MMAD Australia Day Swim Mount Martha on 26 January 2013
7. Cerberus Swim Classic at Half Moon Bay on 16 February 2013

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