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David de Villiers is the escort pilot for The Mad Swim, a stage swim and charity event. de Villiers has 150,000 blue water miles under his belt and has travelled to some of the most remote places on earth. He has effectively circumnavigated the globe 6 times and owns the Ocean Adventurer 2, the newest boat in his fleet, a fast but economical 82-foot power catamaran that will serve as the team's escort, navigational base, and expedition platform.

The Mad Swim

The Mad Swim was a 458 km crossing of the Mozambique Channel by Thane Guy Williams and Jonno Proudfoot, a pair of South African open water swimmers. de Villiers escorted Williams and Proudfoot across the Mozambique Channel from Mozambique to Madagascar between 28 February and 24 March 2014 with Damien Schumann as the photographer and social media contact, and Dr. Daphne Lyell as the team physician.

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