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Deanne Drager at the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame accepting the Honour Pioneer Swimmer award on behalf of Rose Pitonof, together with Dale Petranech and Ned Denison in Cork, Ireland
Deanne Draeger is the founder of Urban Swim and the founder and race director of the 17-mile Rose Pitonof Swim from Manhattan Island to Coney Island in New York. The dynamo race director first replicated the swim of Rose Pitonof in 2010.

Rose Pitonof was a 17-year-old endurance swimmer from Dorchester, Massachusetts who swam 17 miles from East 26th Street, Manhattan Island to Steeplechase Pier on Coney Island on 13 August 1911.

Draeger organized the Rose Pitonof Swim to celebrate the Centennial of Pitonof’s historic achievement where six swimmers successfully replicated her swim on 13 August 2011…exactly 100 years after the first swim. She also founded Urban Swim in New York City.

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