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Denis Crean is founder and CEO of the United States Open Water Association (OWSA), a non- profit, nationally established organization which provides – in conjunction with its partner division Wave One Swimming – swim clinics and small group/individual coaching for open water swimmers and triathletes. In 2009, Denis left the finance industry for full time dedication to sharing with others the physical, mental and spiritual joys of open water swimming.

His pool and open water training cover a broad range of topics, including the fundamentals of swimming; stroke technique and proper body positioning; advanced pace/interval/distance work; and open water race preparation, safety, and sighting techniques.

Denis is an avid open water swimmer and competitor, with an accomplished race record to include the following long-distance achievements: 1st place (overall): 24 mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim (2004) 2nd place (male), 4th place (overall): 41k Lake George Marathon Swim (2007); 2nd place (male), 3rd place (overall): 28.5 mile Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (2006); 1st place (age group), 5th place (overall): 5.85 mile Little Red Lighthouse Swim (2009) 1st place (age group), 5th place (overall): Swim Around Governors Island, NYC (2012)

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