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Dennis Charles Million (b. 7 April 1942) was a renowned athlete and an open water swimmer together with his twin brother Dewey Million. The twins were born 3 months premature and both lost most of their vision in the incubator. Dewey died when they were in their 20’s. They grew up in Duluth, Minnesota and went to Faribault School for the Blind, a boarding school 200 miles away from home.


[edit] Athletic Feats

Dennis and Dewey excelled in wrestling and mostly anything else that presented a physical challenge. As a testament to their passion and prowess in athletics, they led their high school wrestling team to the state championships which was unprecedented for a school with only disabled students.

[edit] Viking Endurance Swim

In high school, the twins both started the Viking Endurance Swim on 14 August 1960. Dennis was one of the finishers among the 24 starters where nearly half were pulled out due to hypothermia. The Viking Endurance Swim was held in Lake Superior in a 3.9-mile course from Park Point to the bridge in Duluth.

[edit] Relatives

The twin brothers are distant relatives to Louis Cyr, The Strongest Man Who Ever Lived in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

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