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Denny Dennis Ryther was the 2002 recipient of the Glen S. Hummer Award, an award given to the individual who makes the greatest contribution to the open water swimming in the United States. He was the USA Swimming national open water swimming team manager on numerous international competitions. He is currently serving as the chairman of the UANA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee, serving along with Jose Ismael Gonzales, Executive Committee Liaison from Guatemala, Jorge Delgado, Secretary from Ecuador, and Chantal Van Keekin Frederik from Suriname, Tomas Haces German from Cuba, Gladys Mejia Garcia from El Salvador, Pierre Lafontaine from Canada and Ron Jacks from Canada.

He became interested in Open Water Swimming when his daughter showed a natural propensity to the sport. He assumed more and more responsibility in the organization of the sport. He has served as trainer and team manager for our National Open Water teams. As the USA Swimming Open Water Coordinator, he is responsible for the oversight of both the Domestic and International Open Water Committees. His efforts have promoted Open Water Swimming from the local LSC levels through the World Championships.

Swimming Bio

- Served on OIOC since 2001
- Past Open Water Coordinator for USA Swimming
- Serving third term as member of U.A.N.A./A.S.U.A. Open Water Technical Committee
- Serving on the Open Water Development Committee
- Serving on the officials subcommittee for Open Water
- Have served on the staff of six Open Water World Championship Teams
- Served as the Referee for the Women’s Pan American Games Open Water Championship in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Retired Athletic/Aquatic Director for a Community College District

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