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Diego Tricárico
Diego Tricárico is the husband and coach of top professional marathon swimmer Pilar Geijo. Diego Tricárico and Geijo are a happily married couple who work extraordinarily well together, both on land and during arduous marathon swims.

Relationship with Pilar Geijo

Geijo is the dominant ultra-marathon swimmer on the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix circuit who is very skillfully supported by her husband Tricárico. "He knows me. He loves me. He knows what I want and I need."

"I always want to give her the truth. She needs to know exactly what is happening during the race and on the water," Tricárico explained in response. He rarely sits down during her races and is always vigilant. He watches her rivals and the dynamic conditions out on the water. He frequently gives hand signals and writes succinct messages on a white board.

Not only is the communication exact and informative, but it is always gentle when necessary and honest as required. Gentle, truthful, caring and loving. Exactly how a husband-and-wife should be and ideally how they should interact - both on land and out in the water. is the husband and coach of top professional marathon swimmer Pilar Geijo.

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