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Dmitriy Banov is a U.S. Masters Swimming coach at Southern California Aquatics.


Dmitriy Banov was born in Kiev, Ukraine and ventured to the States in 1994. Dmitriy started swimming at the age of 15 as a sophomore at Palisades High school. That is where he caught on the spirit of competitive swimming, and joined the local Palisades Malibu YMCA to swim age group year round. His specialties included butterfly, IM, and free. The highest achievements as a swimmer was first place in the 4x50 free relay at the city championships, and a participation in long course YMCA nationals. After high school he swam at Santa Monica College for 2 years,and transferred to California State University Northridge to study electrical engineering. Besides coaching, Dmitiy, tutors math, physics, and program. He also enjoys reading, weightlifting, hiking, kayaking, long camping trips, skiing, yoga, and tai chi

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