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Dry Mat is a roll-out mat designed and sold by Amphibia for open water swimmers, triathletes, and extreme sports enthusiasts. The Dry Mat, sold for €15 / £12 including postage and packaging, is a hygienic changing mat. The Dry Mat has a dual layer construction with a micro-fibre super absorbent top for standing on to dry feet and a non-slip natural rubber bottom that can be placed on wet floors or rough outdoor surfaces. The Dry Mat is easily washed in the washing machine or handwashed and is also quick dry. Its light and convenient so can be easily rolled-up to store and is more hygienic than using a towel.

The Dry Mat is sized for convenience and is available in a variety of colors: red, navy, orange, pink and blue.


Amphibia, an Irish company founded by Adrian McGreevy, designs, makes and sells sports gear and sports bags including the X-Bag, Dry Mat, Amphibia Sports Ring, and the Evo Bag for open water swimmers and triathlete's day-to-day, swim, gym and sports needs. Amphibia is an evolutionary sports brand for triathlons, surfing, swimming, watersports and extreme sports.


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