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noun - Ecoswimming include open water swims, relays, stage swims, races or charity swims with one or more of the following goals:
(1) aims to protect, conserve or call attention to the environment or ecology,
(2) improve or protect the welfare of marine life or the local or indigenous area,
(3) incorporates education of the natural environment or ecology,
(4) is conducted in an ecologically-sustainable or environmentally-friendly manner,
(5) is held in areas that are under environmental protection or that protect marine life,
(6) aims to create or enhance environmental or ecological awareness,
(7) raises money or provides direct financial benefits for conservation, marine life or environmental protection, research and/or education,
(8) builds awareness or provides education of a local community or culture,
(9) lobbies local governments or officials for access to, protection of or a clean-up of a waterway, or
(10) minimizes the impact of mankind on the environment

His ecoswim in the North Pole helped draw attention to climate change.

Synonyms: green swim, green swimming, also spelled Eco swim or Eco-swim or part of Ecotourism.


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