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Gabor Molnar, Eddie Irwin and Ned Denison, three Triple Crown swimmers from Ireland
4-person English Channel relay with Imelda Lynch (far left), Patrick Sheehan (second from left), Coach Eilis Burns (middle), Oswald Schmidt (second from right), and Eddie Irwin (far right)
Edmond Irwin, whose nickname is Steady Eddie, is the first swimmer from Ireland to join the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming by completing a solo crossing of the English Channel, Catalina Channel and Manhattan Island Marathon Swim.

Irwin is a member of the Sandycove Island Swim Club.

He is the second to have completed a Catalina Channel crossing (after Stephen Redmond) in a time of 9 hours 39 minutes. He completed the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 2011, the Lake Zurich Marathon Swim in 2009 in 9 hours 25 minutes, and the English Channel under the auspices of CS&PF in 2008 in 13 hours 48 minutes.

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