English Channel medley relay - First English Channel Medley Relay

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Distance: 34K

Location: English Channel between England and France

Country: England

Current Record Holder

Julie Bradshaw International Medley Relay

Susan Ractliffe (Great Britain)

Pete May (Great Britain)

Julie Bradshaw MBE (Great Britain)

Kim Owen (Great Britain)

Year: 2010

Time: 11:29

The Julie Bradshaw International Medley Relay team consisted of Susan Ractliffe (backstroke), Pete May (breaststroke), Dr. Julie Bradshaw (butterfly) and Kim Owen (freestyle).

At 06:41 Susan Ractliffe entered the water at Shakespeare beach, to ensure that the relay is recognised as a Medley attempt the swimmers are swimming in correct international stroke order in one-hour rotations on 18 September 2010. Ractliffe had a smooth changeover with May doing breaststroke while being escorted by Reg and Ray Brickell on the Viking Princess. At 08:41 Bradshaw takes over with butterfly. Owen, despite feeling seasick, takes over from Julie at 09:41 and moves into the South West Shipping lane as a 360 degree ship count gives a total of 26 ships within view.

Ractliffe takes the team into the Separation Zone at midday and 45 minutes later Bradshaw swims into the Northeast Shipping lane. At 16:00 they enter the French coastal waters and continue on towards the coast. At 18:10 Owen lands on the beach just to the East of Cap Gris-Nez to complete the Julie Bradshaw International Medley Relay across the English Channel in 11 hours and 29 minutes.


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