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Escape the Judge is a 1-mile, wetsuit-permissible open water swimming competition from the Judge Ben Wiles boat in Skaneateles Lake in Skaneateles, New York. The charity swim supports Health, Wellness and Recreation in central New York.



Limited to 150 registrants, along with 150 I'm All That registrants, for a total of 300 swimmers. 100 swimmers will experience the unique opportunity to board Mid-Lakes Navigation’s Judge Ben Wiles for the County Club Point (1 mile from the village) and offered the chance to “Escape from the Judge.” All other swimmers will be bused to the Club and will jump from the club dock. Swimmers will swim to shore to the seawall ramp near the Village pier with a short land sprint to the Finish line.

SkanRaces, Inc. is a non-profit entity that educates residents of the Central New York region about the health and recreational benefits of exercise, fitness, and an active lifestyle, promoting activities that provide opportunities for engaging in exercise and helping such people achieve fitness and lead active lifestyles, and to fostering wellness. is a subsidiary of the Not For Profit, Inc.

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Escape the Judge is a USA Triathlon Sanctioned Event.

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