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Epic Races
Epic Races
Eva Solomon is one of the two co-founders of Epic Races, an innovative sporting event management company. Eva manages safe and eco-friendly multi-sport and endurance events that appeal to beginner through elite athletes and showcase the resources, industry, and beauty of the state of Michigan, U.S.A. They also offer clinics and coaching services as part of a complete multi-sport package.



In 1995, shortly after my second child was born, I completed my first triathlon. I had always been intrigued by the sport of triathlon, but never had the confidence to enter one. One day, after pushing my Baby Jogger and pulling my Burly several miles, I got the courage to enter a triathlon. I trained, did the race, and loved it! I was hooked.

Since then, triathlons have been the highlight of my summers. While I love triathlons as something that I do for myself and without my children (my kids have since outgrown the Baby Jogger and Burly) I also love sharing the sport with others. I have met some of my closest friends through training and racing. The camaraderie felt in this sport is second to none. Aside from my own training and racing, there is nothing like promoting the sport that I love and helping others reach their goals whether it be finishing a sprint triathlon or setting a personal record.

Our races are designed to be appealing to all - from first timers through elite athletes. Our races are not just another triathlon - they all have a unique and fun spirit that you will feel from your training to the finish line. We offer clinics for all levels of triathletes during the off season. We offer tips on our website and in our mailings. Sign up on our mailing list so you won't miss out on these. Any nervous first time triathletes can contact us and we will make sure you are in the proper program to finish the race feeling great. EST Events does not just put on the race, as I said earlier… we are there for you from your training to the finish line.

Karen and I decided to do this together because we found that we share similar interests, values, athletic ability (only kidding), and work ethic. We care about our community and the environment. We work hard to bring you what you want to see in a race. After twenty years of working as an elementary school teacher, I know that details matter when organizing large groups of people! We put an incredible amount of thought and effort into all decisions we make about our races. All of our decisions are made based upon what is best for the racers and the environment- we are open to input from others so feel free to shoot us an e-mail.

Be Fit, Be Well, and Keep Smiling.

Epic Clinics

Epic Races offers a series of clinics in February (Beginner triathlete clinic and a swim clinic for experienced triathletes), March (Beginner and intermediate level triathlete clinic plus swim stroke clinic), April (Goal setting, training plans, transition instructions, and swim clinic) and June (Open Water Swim Clinics).

Tri Goddess Tri

Eva organizes the Tri Goddess Tri which is Michigan's 3-race Premier Women's Triathlon held in June at the Portage Lake State Park, Waterloo Recreation Area.

Battle of Waterloo

Eva organizes the Battle of Waterloo, a survival race series held in August at the Portage Lake State Park, Wateroo Recreation Area (1.4 mile run, 20.5 mile bike, 0.5 mile swim, 4 mile run, 0.25 mile swim, 3.4 mile run, 0.7 mile swim, 3.3 mile run, 5.8 mile bike, 1.4 mile run).

Swim to the Moon 5K Open Water Swim

Eva organizes the Swim to the Moon, a 5K Open Water Swim held in August at Halfmoon Lake Beach, Pinckney Recreation Area.

Eva Solomon, Co-founder
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