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Evan Vosburgh M.D. is a member of the board of directors of Swim Across America and a Vice President, Research and Administration at the Verto Institute of Stamford, Connecticut and New Brunswick, New Jersey. The privately funded institute supports and conducts basic and clinical research in the field of carcinoid and neuroendocrine cancers. He is a board certified hematologist and medical oncologist who served on the faculty of the Boston University School of Medicine for 10 years where he held a variety of positions. In 1997, Dr. Vosburgh left Boston to work for Bayer Pharmaceuticals in the Biologics Division. He later moved to Purdue Pharma as the Director of Scientific Evaluations where he represented the International Research and Development group in assisting the Licensing and Business Development group in establishing and growing a research program, particularly focusing in the area of cancer therapies. His clinical and research interests have included hemophilia and related bleeding disorders, systemic amyloidosis, and a broad interest in cancer drug development. In addition to his participation with the Alliance of Cancer Gene Therapy he also serves as Executive Director of the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation, and medical advisor to the boards of Swim Across America and the Connecticut Challenge, athletic events focused on supporting cancer research and survivorship programs.

[edit] Swim Across America Board Directors

Members include Kerry Anderson, Robert Coakley, Bill Hicks, Scot Mackie, Brenda Nagle, Gerry Oakes, Jack Salerno, Kevin Shine, Richard Tompkins, Evan Vosburgh, Matt Vossler and Burt Zweigenhaft.

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