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Evgeny Bezruchenko is a Russian pool and open water swimmer. He is also one of the race directors of the Champions Cup in Russia.

Champions Cup

Bezruchenko is organizing the 3-stage Champions Cup open water swimming competition together with Larisa Ilchenko and Vladimir Dyatchin during 2014. The Champions Cup consists of three stages. The first leg will be held in Moscow on 1 June 2014 in the Krylatskoye rowing canal. The second stage will be held in Lipetsk on 8 June 2014 in the central promenade of the city in the river Voronezh. The third stage will be held in Volgograd on 12 July 2014. Each stage is 1 nautical mile or 1,852 meters. Registration opens 1 February 2014 and is available to the first 400 swimmers at each stage. The event is open to both amateurs and professionals.

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