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The Five, Extreme 5 km Ocean Swim
Doug Woodring, Founder of the Cold Half, the Clean Half, the Sheko Challenge, and The Five
The Five is a 5 km open water swimming competition held as a complementary race to the Clean Half, a 15 km extreme winter marathon swim in Hong Kong Island held in October. The expected water temperature is 20-21ºC (68-69.8ºF) with an expected air temperature that can range from 12.7-22ºC (55-72ºF). The professional open water swim starts at the Stanley Blake Pier and finishing in Repulse Bay. It is organized by Doug Woodring of Open Water Asia and Ocean Recovery Alliance.

Prize Money

HK$20,000 in total prize money is offered to the top finishers. The first male and female finishers each receive HK$6,000 each; second place finishers receive HK$3,000; and third place finishers each receive HK$1,000.


Registration is available here.

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