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noun - The FINA Bureau is the ultimate governing arm of FINA, the governing body of aquatic sports.


The FINA Bureau consists of 22 members elected by the General Congress, without vote, including the President, five Vice Presidents (one per continent), the Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer and 14 additional members. All are from different countries or “Sport Countries”. 15 members are chosen on the basis of geographical representation (three from Africa, four from America, three from Asia, four from Europe and one from Oceania) and the remaining seven from the world at large. Also member of the Bureau but without vote are the Honorary Life President, the Immediate Past President, the Immediate Past Honorary Secretary and the Immediate Past Honorary Treasurer for a term of four years.


The FINA Bureau is responsible for discussing and making decisions on all matters assigned by them by the General and Technical Congresses. Moreover and among other things, Bureau members interpret and enforce the Rule of FINA, they submit proposals to the Congress, they attribute FINA awards, they determine the dates and locations of World Championships and other FINA events, they organise and control all competitions for FINA’s five aquatic disciplines at the Olympic Games, Youth Olympic Games, World Championships and other FINA competitions, they instruct FINA Committees and manage their activities, etc.

At its first meeting, the Bureau forms an Executive Committee including the President, the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer. The Executive’s role is to decide upon matters relating to the FINA Rules and Regulations or referred to it by the Bureau. It is also responsible for the supervision of the FINA permanent office located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Since 1999, FINA Bureau Member Sam Ramsamy is also FINA’s official Spokesman during all FINA events.

1. DR. JULIO C. MAGLIONE, President 2. PAOLO BARELLI, Honorary Secretary 3. PIPAT PANIANGVAIT, Honorary Treasurer 4. HUSAIN AL MUSALLAM, Vice President 5. NORY KRUCHTEN, Vice President 6. DALE NEUBURGER, Vice President 7. SAM RAMSAMY, Vice President 8. DENNIS MILLER, Vice President 9. GENNADY ALESHIN, Member 10. DIMITRIS DIATHESOPOULOS, Member 11. MATTHEW DUNN, Member 12. BEN EKUMBO, Member 13. FARID EL ALLAM, Member 14. PAULO FRISCHKNECHT, Member 15. TAMAS GYARFAS, Member 16. EUGENIO MARTINEZ, Member 17. ORBAN MENDOZA, Member 18. DR. MARGO MOUNTJOY, Member 19. COARACY NUNES FILHO, Member 20. KAZUO SANO, Member 21. CHIEF OLATOKUNBO THOMAS, Member 22. QIUPING ZHANG, Member 23. MUSTAPHA LARFAOUI, Honorary Life President 24. BARTOLO CONSOLO, Immediate Past Honorary Secretary 25. RAFAEL BLANCO, Honorary Member 26. ELDON C. GODFREY, C.A., Honorary Member 27. FRANCIS LUYCE, Honorary Member 28. GUILLERMO MARTINEZ, Honorary Member 29. GUNNAR WERNER, Honorary Member 30. CORNEL MARCULESCU, Executive Director

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