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The first FINA World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships will be held on July 16th - 20th in Welland Canal (Niagara Falls) in Ontario, Canada. The inaugural international competition was part of the Niagara Open Water Festival. The Welland Masters Swim Team and Brock Niagara Aquatics hosted the Niagara Open Water Festival on the last day of the championships where several events from 1 km to 10 km will be held for all athletes on the same championship course.


The FINA World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships includes the following age divisions: Youth Division (14-16 years and a Junior Division (17-18 years) in 3 different events: 2 solo races and 1 relay.

In the Youth Division, the athletes compete over a 5 km course; in the Junior Division, they compete over a 7.5 km course. The mixed-gender Team Event is a 3-person 3 km relay comprises of either 2 boys and 1 girl or 2 girls and 1 boy.

The Team Event has 2 categories: 14-16 years in the Youth Division and 17-18 years in the Junior Division. For the Team Event, swimmers can "swim up"; that is, a maximum of 2 swimmers from the 14-16 age category can swim in the 17-18 age group category with 1 team per Federation.


A maximum of two athletes per Federation are allowed per event in the individual events and a maximum of 1 team per Federation is allowed per age group in the Team Event.

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