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Agility Paddles by FINIS
FINIS Agility Paddles are strapless yellow plastic molded hand paddles for the competitive swimming community that won the prestigious Red Dot design award.

The paddle is simple while demanding swimmers and triathletes swim correctly and efficiently. Any irregularities in the entry or catch will result in the paddle falling off of the swimmer’s hand. This forces the swimmer to remain focused and disciplined while they are swimming. The versatility of the paddle is unmatched in that it is a great technical tool and can also be used to increase muscular endurance without sacrificing proper technique.

The strapless Agility hand paddles help pool and open water swimmer maintain proper fundamental hand placement during all four swim strokes. Modeled perfectly to fit a swimmers hand for a natural feel, the Agility Paddles are available for US$19.99 at in Small, Medium, and Large.


FINIS is a world leader in technical swimming products that maximize swimmer's fitness potential and technique, announces the immediate availability of multiple Agility Paddles sizes, co-founded by John Mix.

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