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Fearless Swimming Club is an open water swimming group organized by Ingrid Loos Miller.


[edit] Mission

Its mission is to provide safe swimming opportunities to beginners and triathletes of all levels that don’t want to swim in open water alone.

[edit] Types of Swims

1. Swims during already-scheduled Open Water Courses for Triathletes (Clinics). Members can tag along and swim with Ingrid and the clinic participants during the final 30 minutes of every clinic (10-12/year).
2. Swims hosted by Fearless Swimming Club members.
3. Swims hosted by the Fearless Swimming Club founder, Ingrid Loos Miller (quarterly).

[edit] Clinic Swims

April 23 Bonelli Park, San Dimas
May 7 Newport Dunes, Newport Beach
June 4 Santa Fe Dam, Baldwin Park (tentative)
June 25 Ventura Harbor, Ventura (tentative)
August 14 Newport Dunes, Newport Beach
September 17 Bonelli Park, San Dimas
October 1 Castaic Lake, Santa Clarita (tentative)
October 16 Newport Dunes, Newport Beach 9AM-Noon
Founder hosted: July 2 Laguna Beach, August 6 Dana Point/Laguna Beach

[edit] Contact

Ingrid Loos Miller at Ingridloosmiller@gmail.com

[edit] Founder

The founder is Ingrid Loos Miller, a USA Triathlon Level 1 coach and a former ocean lifeguard. She is a member of the United States Lifesaving Association and author of several Ironman Series books including "Fearless Swimming for Triathletes".

[edit] References

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